Angry after accident

Hi everyone sorry to rant but i feel so angry, feel lile crying. I have been battling lupus ,fibro,sjogrens arthritis ad raynauds for past 5 years. All meds gave me bad side effects except cellcept started an increased dose 3000 mg a day few months ago. Had steroid injection in both shoulders end of nov. I was feeling pretty good. Then 12th dec someone i believe diliberatly ran into back of my car. Witnesses say he accelerated before hitting me. I have been in agony ever since can hardly do anything. I told insurers of damage to car,his car was embedded in the back of mine. It has just been to the garage and they have not done all the work. My life like so many of us is hard enough without all this trouble. Sorry just so fed up.

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Josie with cell phones there are many more distractions causing accidents. I was rearended just like you and had to go to months of physical therapy which was much more difficult due to the SLE. My advice is to drive at little as possible to minimize the risk.

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Thanks jeff. I dont drive much anyway but was a special occasion. Just before the accident the driver who hit me had pulled out in front of me and i swerved to miss him. He then followed me driving aggresively behind me trying to overtake and when i gave him the oppurtunity he didn't. Then carried on aggresive driving until he ran into me. It was 10.00 at night.


What a nutcase.


So many idiots about, and they don't care who they choose. Rest up whilst your car does. Hate to say it but the longer you are off the road the stronger your case becomes.x


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