That that doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;-)

Hi everyone, I sitting here considering how the first ten days of 2012 have been, and honestly I can think of better ways to start a new year. My Lupus has been acting up for a while now, but everything else is starting to build up as well,My phone line was knocked out with the high winds, My boiler is playing games, and when they came out to fix it today they made it worse, My car has just packed up and we have to get another one. My dad and both my in laws health is getting worse I'm very worried for them all, and to top it all my husband goes into hospital next week for his first total knee replacement on the same day that my daughter has gcse exams. All in all this year is going to be a challenge. If I can survive this there may be hope for me yet ;-) Sorry for the moan, but I needed to get it of my chest as everyone is so ill at the moment there is no one i can release it to.

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  • You sound strong - keep it up! Keep communicating. x

  • Bless,not a good start to the new year,but what is that saying (I'ts got to be bad before it gets better)

    Keep us posted.we are all friends here.

    Take a look at my last Blog and you Jaxqueline,It will bring a smile to a dark day.

  • I was once told by a wise old bird....... we are never given more than we can handle..... Mmmmmm I have questioned this on more than several occasions but do you know what, we always manage to get through it, and although we may not see it at the time, things happen for a reason, and we will learn from it and go on to help others xx wooo bit heavy or what! Hope things get better for you, rant, shout, and unload when ever you feel the need :) take care, Mandyx

  • Thanks for all your support. I'm feeling a bit more positive today, it looks like we may have arranged a new car, (now we just have to afford it,) and when I went to see my dad he was a lot brighter. I agree with you, some of the best things I have learnt about myself and those around me have been in some of my darkest times. Despite my moaning yesterday (sorry about that!!) I still consider myself to be very lucky, I have a wonderful husband who is there to support me at every turn, and two great kids that I am very proud of, and that cope really well with having disabled parents. it's good to know that I can come on here and let go sometimes, but I hope to be able to help people as well Thanks again :-)

  • i try not too look to far ahead and take it one day at a time, i tend to get anxiouse if i look to far ahead. i concentrate at getting through the day. i try not to worry about tomorrow today is enoughto deal with.

  • Whatever doesn't kill you. -Just really hurts.

  • Lol Thaddeus!

    On one day last November one of my beloved Boxer dogs died, i went into hospital with a chronic infection in my kidney transplant and my Dad went into hospital too and sadly and unexpectedly passed away shortly after on Dec 5th :0( I though am still here fiesty as usual, dodgy and dry sense of humour as usual fighting through another year and whatever is thrown at me. I'm madly in love with my soulmate who cannot do enough for me and we are getting married just after Christmas this year :0) This surpasses anything that my body or life tries to fell me with! Isn't great to just be alive?

  • Speaking as a kidney doner and a dog owner, I wish you every happiness.

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