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hear we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi all sorry to report that once again im in a flear up lucky me lol

i have felt rubbish for as long as i can remember i hurt so much taken all the meds in the world

sometimes i just feel like a freek with my skin going blue on my arms and back does anyone elce have that problem ???

also have this racking cough it takes my breath away just dont no were to turn as feel so ill but i look a ray of fitness with my glowing cheeks and sick of " o dont you look well" i wont to swear and shout rant and rave but i just like us all i say yes im fine and dandy ;-)

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hi traceyd hope u feel better soon sorry 2 hear ur not verry well am feeling ackey sore throte ear eck legs like lead and just sleeping aving been 2 doc cos all thay wanna do is give me more steroids ... just try and sleep as much as u can till u start feeling better i no its easeyer said then done lv but hope u feel better soon xx


hi gummy thankyou for your reply.....sorry to hear you not very well aswell yes the doctors always wont to push more steriods on me two but i dont think that is the answere...yep im always wakeing up to a different program on the t v lol hope you feel better very soon traceyxx


Bless u traceyd, it aint nice :0( Sadly cos of the nature of Lupus the Docs r always unsure what 2 do so think flinging pills at u is the way 4ward :0( The problem is cos those of us with lupus actually LOOK ok people tend 2 think we R ok. If I LOOKED how I felt I would probably like like something from 'The Walking Dead'! Hope this passes soon.


hello sher thankyou for your kind words....and yes i feel like im " The Walking Dead " every day inside i feel yuk and the out side i look wonderfull with a rosie glow madness isn't it i also hope this passes soon aswell x


Hi Traceyd, do hope you feel better soon, I ahve had a few days when I have felt like staying in my bed and shutting the world out, sometimes I think the family think as long as we are up and around and pasting a nice smile on our faces that hey yes we are fine!!!! after all we have that wonderful rosy glow of a healthy person!

Do you think you should go to the docs about the cough? I ahd one a few years ago and refuesed to go to the docs turned out I ahd a chest infection first one in my 61 years of life it realy made me feel sooo ill, take care ((((((hugs))))))))


hi jennyhe thankyou for your hugs doctor thinks it is just a virus but im not sure.. i have had more than a few days when i wont to stay in bed and forget the world but im up and plodding on as we have to ( even though i feel like sleeping beauty could sleep for years ) i have added vitermin c intake to see if that helps so another pill to take another added to the vast amount we have to take already :-(

best wishes



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