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Rash - photosensitivity? + really angry!!


Hey guys, I posted about a month back about a rash I got on my thigh, the picture above is what is extended to through the night. I'm wondering if it's photosensitivity Becuase I was in the sun but was wearing 50 + and this only happened on one leg. I was out yesterday and again, wearing factor fifty and nothing happened but today I've woke up wth unbearable itching on my wrists and palms and have red blotches on my palms. It's highly irritating. Could this be due to sun exposure?

For the other part of the title, I'm really angry Becuase at my last rehumatologist apt they gave me the diagnosis of lupus but since they found out at the time I had a six week flare to the point I couldn't move my joints where so bad, that I had tonsillitis three months before that they sent a letter saying it was likely because of my throat infection and now have gone back on their diagnosis!!! I'm so mad and confused. They said they would see me again in three months time. I've been taking photos of my rashes so hopefully they might take my pain abd experiences more seriously instead of Just assuming I was bed bound for six weeks Becuase I had tonsillitis three months before that!! Ugh.

Sorry, bit of a rant, but thanks for reading and any advice on the rash/ itching would be greatfull.

Thanks guys, hope everyone is well.

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Hi, just read your post, I too have a rash it's on my upper arm but mostly my wrist and back of my hand and my chest. I have this every year after I've been in the sun and I also have red blotches on both palms of my hands. The sun also seems to cause a flare up which leaves me feeling like i'v been hit by a bus and very tired. I take an antihistamine every day and apply aftersun cream which has alovera in it and it calms it down. Hope this helps.

It certainly looks like photosensitivity. The rash can show up in areas that were not exposed, and reaction timings range from immediately after exposure to up to a week later.

Sunscreen helps but will not protect you completely. Best to keep exposure to a minimum. Maybe have your GP test you for photo allergies and then you'll know for certain.

Re your diagnosis, Lupus flares can be induced by infection. It is entirely possible that after being active for so long with tonsillitis, your immune system was unable to calm down once the infection was gone.

There are some really silly rheumies out there but it helps to document everything and be confident in how you feel. That way you can argue your corner on the next visit. At least they haven't discharged you, which means they still believe there may be something going on.

Do feel better soon, and hope you get some answers too.

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That looks like a sunburn, and with lupus it only takes a few minutes in the sun to look like this.

It can also be uncomfortable, but with lupus things effect us all differently, but yet it effects us the same. That statement does not make sense but, then neither does lupus.

I wish you the best!


Thanks for the replies guys. I've been feeling so unwell the past few days, mainly severe itching and my eyes feel so dry and gritty, I can't stop rubbing them. I've taken an antihistamine but it doesn't seem to be helping at all. Ugh. I'll be seeing the rehumy soon so hopefully they will give me some answers! Thanks again for responses X

stace you on sulfazine at all with these rashes

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