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Light Sensitivity

Hi Everyone. Hoping you're all having a good weekend?

Recently, the last month or so I've developed very sensitive eyes, in particular my intolerance of sunlight, glare etc plus the usual dry, itchy eyes which I have cream and drops for.

Is anyone else having this problem too?

My neighbours are wondering why my house is permanently blacked out, well saying as its nearly Halloween my Vampire excuse is valid hehehe 👹👻👺

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I have been like that for a few years now,sorry if that sounds gloomy, and the drops ,gels etc. help with the eye feelings but I have to wear wraparound sunglasses everyday all year.I also have the same problem with artificial lighting so its the dark,dark house with the weird gothy woman comments I get ha!.I have to wear 50+ sunscreen all year round due to the light affecting my skin as well so grab a pair of cool shades and keep an eye on skin irritation as I was told it can go hand in hand and it certainly does in my case.

Hope that helps but sure others will be along soon.


Yep be careful of artificial UV light as well. Fluorescent lights are worse than old bulbs. I have problems with flashing light and lights behind people when I talk to them for instance. I get migraine as a result. I wear sunglasses when watching TV or using a computer. My reading glasses now have a UV flilter. It took a while to adapt but became part of my routine like applying sunscreen in the winter. Yes we are weird.


Yes I too have this it's like it came out of nowhere one day fine an the next the light hurt my eyes an burned them like I had not slept in 24-48 hrs! An started getting the butterfly rash on my face an the sun on my skin feels like it's burning me an my skin turns red!! Can't stand it (I used to be a sun worshiper-with the baby oil an everything) now have to be extra careful when in the sun light even inside! It's just something we have to learn to live with! 😎

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I have the same, but my optician suggested a blue filter which works well alongside light reactive lenses, so I can walk through shopping malls without gritty, sore eyes and no need for extra sunglasses. The blue is very pretty, too and gets a lot of notice! Hope this helps! 👍

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Thanks to everyone for responding. Again knowing its not just me is a great help. My sunglasses are a permanent addition to my hand bag as are eye drops.

As ever, take care and have a lovely week



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