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How do people cope with light sensitivity?

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In the evenings I have to have lights switched off and sit in the dark. I do have light blocker glasses but only help minutely. It's very irritating for my family. Any help appreciated

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Are your lightbulbs uv free ? X

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F1zz in reply to Spanielmadlady

Where can I get them?

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Spanielmadlady in reply to F1zz

I got mine from amazon as I cant go out to shops due to shielding.i changed mine as I could no longer get the bulbs for ceiling it for more info xx

Also take the same steps as you would outside. Sunscreen long sleeves and hat x

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WinterSwimmer in reply to F1zz

LED bulbs are now available everywhere and getting cheaper. They give off no UV.

Not sure if it would help for you but I found some smart light bulbs that you can change the brightness and colour of.

Get the LED lights but not the super bright ones. You need the softer LED lights. I am extremely photosensitive and have to avoid UV at all costs

Have you tried a red light for retinopathy repair and calmness? I’ve got a red LED lamp.

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Yes, red LED lamp has no uv or blue in it and this wavelength causes the damage and sensitivity.

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Skin and light sensitivity?

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Nothing happens to my skin, I just have to shut my eyes and switch it off otherwise I get extreme headaches.

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So is the light sensitivity eye damage then?

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It’s the invisible ultraviolet (uv) light that causes the damage: skin cancer, eye damage etc etc. Just look at all the sun worshippers with dreadful facial and bodily skin!😱😢Could be an alert!?🤔

I usually wear dark glasses and a hat when outdoors.

Get old incandescent light bulbs, best are lower energy so the 40 and 60 ones/ I know the EU and US banned them but you can still find them at some places and they still make them for fridge/mechanical use. Get a lamp where the light bulb points upwards so away from you. Doing this I have had no issues, yes extremely light sensitive,

Thanks everyone

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