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Extreme light sensitivity with my eyes

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Hi, one symptom I have is extreme light sensitivity in my eyes, it seems to have worsened recently. I regularly get scleritis. I even struggle indoors and have blinds and sometimes my black out curtains closed. Trying to put washing on the line in the garden can mean doing it with my eyes screwed up shut. It can be hard to drive if the sun is out, at times even with sunglasses on, which block light to the sides as well. The light hurts so much I have had to come to an abrupt halt before now as I've had to shut my eyes, so dangerous. Does anyone have any recommendations for sunglasses and prescription reading glasses, probably sunglasses type for indoor work. I can't walk around with my eyes shut inside and out! Thank you.

8 Replies
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I have exactly the same problem and have to have the curtains shut on sunny days.

I wear sunglasses in the house as well as outside and that has helped but best of all are my new prescription reading glasses which have a good dark tint.

They have made reading, knitting , sewing possible again and stopped the constant headaches I was getting from the light.

They are great with the I Pad too and the computer.

I do have other tinted reading glasses which reduce blue light but the darker tinted ones for the bright sun light are wonderful.

I know what you mean about the putting out of the washing, the light can be unbearable!

Hope new glasses help you too. X

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MandaM in reply to cuttysark

Thank you. I have reactive lenses in my reading glasses which respond to outside light, although sit near a window and you do find they react. Thung is with those light can get over, under and in at the sides. They are really a tinted reading pair, was looking maybe at reading sunglasses for indoors that stay dark. Wondered if anyone could recommend a brand. Also a brand of ordinary sunglasses as all the ones I've tried I find don't cut the mustard! It's like being burnt in your eye balls with a laser! Impossible to drive with sunglasses on, one hand on wheel and one covering your eyes! My windows are tinted all around as well.

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Footygirl in reply to MandaM

Hi Manda

I have a similar problem. I go to Specsavers where I get prescription sun glasses. I find that they will darken the lense to any darkness. I learned, when learning to skii, eons ago that the brown colours cut out the brightest reflections and glare. My sunglasses are from SS but I dont know if they are still available as they are years old. I get them updated if/when my prescription changes a lot. I never found reactive glasses changed quickly enough or dark enough, but that is just me. They will be helpful if you explain your problem and are in a position to recommend certain brands which cut out side and other leakage.

If they cannot help Id be very surprised. Just ask.

I dont need indoor dark glasses so I cant speak to that but I am sure SS would advise.

I am not and never will be a share holder at SS (lol)

Best of luck

⚽️ 😎😎😎😎

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MandaM in reply to Footygirl

Thank you. I agree brown tinted off the peg sunglasses are much better but still not enough for a bright sunny day. Will have to find time to get into town and ask in SS. Haven't found anything on online searches for light sensitive eyes.

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My optician told me about a new lens covering called Vista Mesh when I told him I couldn't go in supermarkets because of the lights. He said it had been developed for migraine sufferers but it was worth giving it a go.

I got them and can now go in supermarkets! I don't need prescription lenses for long distance so I just have the Vista Mesh. My friends without Lupus tried them on and they said they had a "calming" effect when they looked straight into lights. They were definitely worth a try!

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MandaM in reply to Muscatmandy

Interesting one! Never heard of this one at all. I buy my prescription lenses at Tesco usually on a buy one get one free, last time I didn't pay a penny! I'm going to have to get asking again as I'm always told there's no such thing as any coatings for light sensitive eyes and nothing that tints under harsh indoor lights, no suggestions ever made about a mesh. I work for the nhs and find the lighting in hospitals and clinics very harsh, intolerable when in a bout of scleritis. Thank you for making me aware of vista mesh.

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Torrs in reply to Muscatmandy


I've been looking for Vista Mesh glasses but I can't find where to buy them. Please let me know where you bought yours. Thank you.


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Hullo! I had the exact same thing! Turned out to be related to my sjogrnes - my eyes were so dry that I couldn't process the light properly. If I remember rightly it was really really painful and I'm sure if I could produce tears then I would have cried.

I went to my DR who gave me some drops to help with the dryness, I have to drink a gazillion pints of water a day (no, not literally) and I ended up going to the opticians. They gave me tinted glasses - one pair are tinted to a grade 2 so I can wear them inside and still read text on paper and my others are tinted to a 5 which is the darkest they can legally be and for you still be able to drive. They worked amazingly. Let my eyes have some time off while I could carry on working and doing all the things I wanted to. You need to get over the whole but-I'm-wearing-sunglasses-indoors stuff because honestly they allowed me to live with my light sensitivity, even when it was so bad I couldn't look at my phone.

I now don't use the drops and very very rarely wear my indoor glasses! I'm never without my outside sun-glasses though.

Eyes are precious, look after them :)

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