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Lupus and the liver

Hi there can anyone tell me there stories of Lupus effecting the Liver I know it one of the more rare organs for it to effect. I had a liver biopsy done and my rhaumy said he looked at the report from the gastro Dr and it said its in keeping with someone who has sle what ever that means! I'm sure he will explain more when I see him. Anyway my rhaumy gave me a steroid shot and some meds and said if I get my lupus back under control my liver function should calm down. Thanks

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Liver function tests can indicate inflammation. As I understand it they will show any inflammation...for example flu...mine always came back raised and after several it was decided that it was the Lupus not another probably less worrying infection like a cold or flu. I took it to mean that it contributed to the pattern that helps diagnose Lupus.


I also have auto immune hepatitis. I think your doctor must have suspected that to do a liver biopsy. I've had auto immune hepatitis for over 15 years now and the treatment is the same for lupus. The symptoms are isimilar too. Especially the fatigue and arthritic pains. Good luck. Keep us updated.


I was diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis in 1979 and probable sle in 1994 before eventually getting diagnosed around 9 years ago . I also have a few other conditions . All controlled with different doses steroids and until 3 years ago after going to Edinburgh to be assessed for a liver transplant I am now on Tacrollimus ( an anti rejection drug ) which so far has helped my liver . Always been told that my liver is totally separate from lupus so interesting to hear someone else has problems too


Hi, I'm also on tacrollimus. I was on mycophenolate until a few months ago. I kept having flares last year and my liver disease progresses to stage 3 fibrosis.

I'm hoping it will be kept under control now.

It great news that you don't have to have a transplant since taking the drug. I hope it continues.

All the best


I have RA but often have very high LFTs. Recently I've had my gallbladder removed and had to take two antibiotics for wound infection. My LFTs were extremely high but are coming steadily back down now. The liver is a very resilient organ so I'm not too worried and my GP explained that liver enzymes rise with systemic inflammation and many medications including steroids sometimes, excess alcohol and billiary tract issues too. I'd never realised about the systemic inflammation affecting the liver until he said this.

Methotrexate made my ALT and AST very high a few times and I had to drop doses. I do think my liver is particularly sensitive but whether this hypersensitivity goes more with autoimmunity or as a reaction to medications I don't really know. Probably a mix I'm guessing.


I have had lupus for over 30 years my liver became inflamed about four years ago following a lupus flare. Lots of damage was done during the flare and I was then diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. The inflammation is

Is now under control with Azathioprine and prednisone it's taken some time to get to this point but am now stable which is a great place to be :-)

I think that your doctor could be right if the inflammation can be brought under control your liver functions could return to normal the treatment is the same for SLE as for liver inflammation.

Good luck hope you feel better soon



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