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Daughter facial rash - update

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Good morning all. I've not posted for a while. Isla's face has been consistently better for the past couple of weeks, almost completely disappearing apart from leaving a feint mark of where it once was.

The past couple of days the spot in the middle of her nose has re-apoeared, along with a little bit just under the corner of her right eye. This is exactly how the rash started last time, and then a couple of weeks later spread across her face.

Does this seem characteristic of lupus butterfly rash? We go see the specialist a week on Friday and I have a feeling we may not get to the bottom of it x

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Have been thinking about you both and hoping things were going better....especially last weekend in all the heat. So, my feeling is that you're giving us quite good news. Am so glad you posted

In my own experience, the photo & the pattern of occurrence you're describing isn't quite like my version of these sort of rashes...and I'll be interested to see how others reply to your ?s

Will be especially thinking of you on the 11th


Thanks Barnclown! Her face has been great but now seems to be starting all over again? I'm just hoping it doesn't get as bad as last time, although, again, it's not bothering her so that's good. She's been particularly full of energy the last few weeks, she's now learnt to climb everywhere!! So certainly no question mark over her general health. She has had a yellowish spot on her gum at the back for about 6 weeks. At first I thought it was a tooth coming through, but still nothing, and I can't feel anything with my finger, so I'm wondering if this is a lingering mouth ulcer? It's going to be difficult for the Dr to take a look at that as you've really got to coax her to get a tiny peek at it! ️Xx

It's great she is full of bounce & curiosity...such a lovely age of discovery

Your observations are as conscientious as any consultant could possibly hope for...am v intrigued by how good the dermatologist's skill with toddlers will be!

Looking forward to learning how things go


Well it is a peadiatric dermatologist we are seeing, so fingers crossed!! Xx

Of course! Perfect❗️

Hello Isla's mummy. What a lovely picture of your daughter and glad that her previous rash seemed to fade away. I can relate to the rashes starting out as small red spots and then spreading as this is how it happens with me. However, please remember that all lupus sufferers are different and lupus can be very mild in many cases so try to remain positive. I'm afraid to say that the uncertainty and frustration you feel in trying to get answers is typical of the way us "lupies" have felt before getting a diagnosis. Best of luck and please keep us posted when you have seen your Doctor

Hi Louisa-Rose. Interesting that yours starts in the same way. Islas seems to start as an actual pimple with a head. The head then gets a little flaky and then it turns more into a red bleb before seemingly spreading. There doesn't really seem to be a trigger for it. It just comes out of nowhere. I've noticed that when it is there, it's more prominent first thing in a morning and then fades and flares throughout the day. I'm so scared that we aren't going to get any answers. I just want to either be able to put this behind us and be reassured its nothing bad or be diagnosed and deal with it head on. It's the not knowing that's driving me insane ️xx

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