Malar rash?

Malar rash?

I've never experienced rash on my face but recently I've been getting this warm to hot feeling on one side of my face and look in the mirror to find the cheek on the right side more red than the other. As I looked at myself in my makeup lights, within 3 min it got redder. I'll post a couple pics. Can anyone please chime in on wether you think this could be a malar rash?

P.S. excuse my looks. I'd been feeling horrid and never even removed my makeup.

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  • Hi Bajala

    I too get a burning face across my cheekbones if I'm flaring. I'm not sure if it's the malar rash but when it cools down it does leave marks on my skin. Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Thanks for sharing Misty. I haven't noticed any residual marks after the rash has gone away but I'm learning that everyone is affected differently. Thanks for your well wishes too, that helps me a lot as I'm currently feeling very sorry for myself.

    Take care 😊

  • Hi Bajala

    Glad I've helped. I have Light brown marks where the heat has been on my face. This illness can be tough to deal with. Hope you feel stronger soon. X

  • Thanks again, I hope the best for you as well.

    Take care 😊

  • Hi Bajalala,

    The description of your symptoms resembles those associated with a malar rash. Up to 60% of people with SLE will develop a butterfly, or malar rash; the pink or redish-coloured rash mainly occurs on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose.

    According to The Lupus Encyclopaedia, a malar rash can be “quite sensitive to ultraviolet light” however, lupus presents differently in everybody and no two people have exactly the same symptoms. We published a factsheet on ‘LUPUS: and Light Sensitivity’ which I hope will be of help to you:

    There are a number of steroid creams and ointments that can be used to treat the rash that range from mild to strong which you can discuss with your GP or Rheumatologist. You may like to have a read of our factsheet on ‘LUPUS: The Skin and Hair’:

    Wishing you all the best, let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and links to the factsheets.

    I will def read them 😊 I'd be curious to know wether the rash can go away as quickly as it comes or does it tend to stick around. I only have t for about an hour or two. Either way, I'll be showing my doctor to get his thoughts as well.

    Thanks again & take care 👋🏽😊

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