raynauds possible Vasculitis or blocked arteries

I have all two of the above and recently had an ultrasound as I and can hardly walk and driving is becoming more difficult to bend my feet My first class rheumy a,has referred me to a vascular doctor.or should i say surgeon.Due to having had two heart attacks .seizures and a stroke (from which he advises me I have made a total recovery) a spinal cord infection I am not a suitable candidate for full anesthetic and he has suggested a less intrusive treatment for blocked arteries I would like to hear if anyone has heard of this please I am waiting on a written diagnosis

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A percentage of people with Lupus have Hughes Syndrome, and have the episodes you describe, please look into this! MaryF x


Would you be able to let us know what your diagnosis is, please? x


no problem lupus and hughes seem very similar i thought ms .


Hi notoverthehill

I just came across your question after replying to a recent one about ritux after you.

Have you had the diagnosis/treatment for your blocked artery as yet?

I had a stent fitted for a blocked ascending aortic artery, which caused an MI last year. It was done under local at Liverpool heart & chest hospital, & was quick & painless.

I still don't fully know why this happened, but I am being seen at the Manchester Royal Infirmary Lupus clinic soon, & hope they can give me some answers.

Please let me know if I can be of any more help to you.

Best wishes. X


hello roobarb

I had the pprocedure done on Thursday.4th july my independence day Very successful Diagnosis was severe arterial disease Right leg got unblocked by baloon then two extending stents fitted left leg baloon unblocked still need cartroid treated aswell as blockage at right knee .Frid they will have to shoot me All down t sle and genetics


I am so glad to hear that it all went well for you. I didn't know they put stents in legs too, amazing!

I hope your mobility improves as a result.


My Treatment has all been at MRI This is where I have had exceptional treatment both common iliacs were stented and right had two expandale stents fitted


You sound like a bionic women now!

Its great to hear you have been looked after so well at MRI, I have my first appointment at the lupus clinic there on Wednesday.



I'm afraid vessels and arteries are one of the targets in some of us with Lupus/autoimmune disease. I'm certainly affected in recent years.


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