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PIP Award:

After waiting over a year for an assessment I was finally granted a PIP award which was back dated to date of initial call. It took several calls to Athos prior to an assessment date. Frustrating but don't give up just be patient.

It appears as if people with Lupus have to fight one hundred times harder than anyone else to receive any type of help/benefits.

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A year wait... madness. I had the same for ESA.

It's not just Lupus sufferers honestly, some applicants just seem to be very unlucky and dragged outin the system.

Pleased it's sorted now, no more waiting or stressing about for a while 😊


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It's hard but we just have to remain positive despite all that's going on.


I have COPD I put my first claim in for DLA it took them 14 months to reply and they turned me down I think they had lost my claim so I filled in another claim this time PIP this was dealt with by Capita I waited 5 months they sent someone to see me at home this time I was successful


Your persistence paid off but it can be really frustrating.


I do have a good story. I applied last July/August and never heard a thing. apparently they sent the forms to the wrong address and cancelled it when I didnt reply within the time. I telephoned up mid Feb and they sent me a letter stating I would get an interview within 4 months. I telephoned them and told them this would mean it would take a year just for the interview. A delightful man at the other end of the phone looked on file and said I had been messed about so would I be able to get to Norwich on the Tuesday for a spare interview. I went along the people were very nice and were impressed when I told them of this forum and actually looked up lupus and APS while I was there.

They told me I should hear within 6 weeks. I actually heard 7 days later and was granted PIPS.

It can be frustrating but to be honest I think it is because they are so overworked. I didnt think I would get anywhere because no one really knows much about sle and aps but this forum certainly helped. Put out the word we will get somewhere eventually.

Good luck to you all. Diane


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