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Dr Sangle

Hi all, I had a mild positive anti dsDNA test in April and professor Khamashta asked me to return in 3 months after repeating the blood tests, my appointment was 1july but as prof Khamashta is away to dubai for a year my appointment has been moved to 9th with Dr Sangle.

I originally saw Prof Khamashta privately as I was let down on numerous occasions by other so called experts. (now proving them all wrong on paper) and managed to be referred to his clinic on NHS at Guys. im unsure what this Dr Sangle specialises in, whether they are a good listener, and whether they can treat me for lupus if needs be. I travel from Newcastle with my husband and 3 children to see Prof Khamashta at the cost of about 300 travel, which I don't mind as I see the Dr I originally saw from day one....with a change now I'm slightly hesitatant, especially incase I travel such a long way and this Dr cannot or won't treat me, so would love if anyone has any experience of them to let me know what their background is and your experience of them.


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Hi I just found out today I now have to see Dr Sangle having seen Prof K. I've looked him up on the hospital site. He looks suitably qualified and been involved in research for APS and Lupus. My appointment is not until August though.

My gut instinct is that he will be fine as the team there- the secretaries and reception have always been helpful. I called the secretary today and she called me straight back and was very helpful.


I have been going with family to, for about the same cost, I wondered if anybody has requested FaceTime after initial face to face appt.


I have my first appointment tomorrow at the lupus clinic with Dr Sangle. I've had positive ANA dsDNA for 10 years plus but my then GP didn't think it was lupus just false positives Have had fibromyalgia diagnosed in the past and suffered with unexplained rashes, pneumonia, arthritis in my neck, as well as several other symptoms. Had a few years of ok health then had a virus in January which left me with pericarditis and off work until early May when I've since struggled to work part time. I'm still suffering with fatigue and terrible breathlessness which at times I'm unable walk from one room to another. The two cardiologists that I saw earlier in the year have queried an auto immune disease as the cause hence the referral. I will let you know how I get on. I'

LeecyLou x


Good luck Leecylou xx


Hi all, thanks for the replies...the nurse did ring me about whether I need to attend and about my repeat bloods they took that day which actually came back negative!(?!?!?!?) after being positive the first time round. But I'm still waiting for a phone call to say yes or no...obviously if they are going to treat me or take bloods its worth the journey, but if it's simply to ask a couple of review questions it seems a waste.

Might ring them again.

Leecylou how did you get on?


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