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Continuity of care if dr leaves St Thomas'?

Absolutely gutted. Finally had my long awaited (6 months post blood confirmation) appointment at St T las week. Dr collected medical history and ordered a fozen or so more bloods. He wanted to see me again in four weeks to sort meds but they couldn't book it then as clinics all fully booked. I phoned today to see if we had any news but apparently results arent back yet and they still cannot set my appointment up because my dr is leaving next week! Gutted. Am at the end of my tether because am feeling really unwell.

Has anyone else had a change of dr? Will it be back to the drawing board again or can I hope for some treatment when I finally get back there?

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That's not good! Who is your Doctor?


Dr Lewis. :-(


The same thing has happened to me i am not at st thomas any more found the traveling to much, but i had a fantastic consultant who looked after me for over 16 years but he retired 18 months ago and ever since he has left i feel very alone , i do have a new consultant who has replaced him but nowhere as good as my old one he does not have a clue about lupus when ever i see him he says go and see your GP (pass the buck). Since November i have become quite ill i have lupus , Anti phos lipids, chronic obstructive airways . and have become so tired i struggle doing anything at the moment i could sleep all day and all night , feel so drained and struggling with every day life. Hope you get sorted xx


That is awful rlupus. I also have aps and reynaulds, possibly more.

Apparently they've lost 3 or 4 consultants and are struggling to fit all the patients in.

There is NO point in seeing my gp because he has no clue about sle or aps and seems to actually be angry with me for being so ill.

I really need treatment now. I am getting increasingly ill and seriously fatigued. Its depressing.


I was with Prof Hunt who is lovely, but due to admit cock up was dropped and then told she had left ( a lie ) So am now with the nice Spanish lady who's name i cannot spell.

It has worked out OK.


Dr Cuadrado, I think?! I see her too and really like her.

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That's her. Very straight talking, and a good listener. Though I have not seen her for nearly a year, I feel better for knowing that I am under her care and that she is available at short notice.


I too am under dr Lewis and he told me at the start of jan when I saw him that he was leaving. Absolutely gutted as he had taken a special interest in my case. He is off to Bart's. Fingers crossed I have a consultant who is just as gd as he is! X


I can totally sympathise Bonnie39; I tonight learned that my appt. with Dr Cuadrado at St. Thomas' on Friday has been cancelled and due to staffing issues (my previous Dr - Dr Fernando is off sick for at least another 6 weeks) and the next appt they can offer is in May! Having had 6 months with lots of 'niggling; problems and this week the butterfly rash has begun to appear on my face, I am anxious to see the Dr to establish what meds I should take in an attempt to get what seems to be the start of a flare under control quickly before I end up where I was some 15 years ago when first diagnosed and really suffering. As many of us experience, the local GP is not educated sufficiently in Lupus and therefore struggle to assist/decide what meds should be taken and mine usually ends up telling me to simply increase my prednisolone intake until I get to a Lupus clinic appt - which isn't necessarily the answer. I totally appreciate that the Dr's at St. Thomas' are under severe work pressure; but to be fobbed off by one of the secretaries going on about how hard she herself is having to work after having a 4 week Christmas break and about the cuts being made in the NHS does not help alleviate my anxiety or resolve the matter. I have this chronic illness, I work hard and there are equal cuts and pressures in the private sector which result in everyone, irrespective of sector/industry, being under pressure! Sorry, rant over! Good luck with getting a new appt. the right treatment soon and feeling a bit better soon x


Lynn J. Ha! I had the same from a swcretary when I called to see if any test results are back. However, I know it's not the staff's fault that money is being starved out of the NHS as I have been campaigning against the costly reorganisation that this government is undertaken. Over £12 million has been wasted by a botched scheme to close down pur local hospital and remove heavily used (and much needed by us) medical services.

However, I am gutted that the first mwdic to take my condition seriously is leaving after only my first appointment with him and desperate to be started on some meds and get some care. I have been so ill for so long, its affected my relationships with everyone and risked my life. Loopylooby, my appointment with Dr Lewis was on 7th and he said he wanted to see me as soon as my results were all back so he said he'd see me again 4-6 weeks later. Since he's there til the end of Feb that shpuld be possible. But there are no appointments left before he goes and I still have no idea when I will actually be seen or who by.

It doesn't help when I'm stressed.


Yes! Got an appointment for end of Feb. Thank goodness persistence paid off. Was warned that after this the wait will be until at least August!!

However, hopefully I'll know more about how this has hit me and can start on drugs. Cant happen too soon!!


Persistence paid off! Managed to get a cancellation for Dr Lewis' last clinic late Feb! Woohoo! Desperate to start feeling better and hope tests will indicate decent meds for me. Really want to get my results from the tests taken on 7 Jan!!


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