Amazing appointment & Diagnosis Finally after 10 years

So today I was finally diagnosed.....

My appointment was amazing, it was with Dr Lanham and Prof Hughes....they were both so attentive and adorable. I sent in all my test results, symptoms etc before hand and where i am so poorly had to use my motor scooter but they got it all. So I was diagnosed with " The Big 3" Lupus, Sjogrens & Hughes and they said every symptom I have was classic and my facial rash pictures I sent in (horrific) was discoid lupus wrongly diagnosed as Acne Rocsea......So started on Plaquanil, more bloods run and have to have a bone desity scan and revisit in 3 months where they can start to look at some other options but they want to start me slowly where I am so poorly, they also said its classic when you have Hashimotos as active as mine is as my TgAb's are in the 1000's

Such a long journey to get a diagnosis now pray for better health

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  • Hi rianna , i am so glad you have s diagnosis after so long . It is such a relief when you finally know . Sending you all my best wishes 💐💐

  • Hi riannabri

    I truly am so happy for you and I wish you all the best for the future and a lot better health. Take good care my friend and sending you warm hugs 🤗 xxxx

  • I was so pleased to read that you have finally got your diagnosis. Prof Hughez diagnosed me almost 30yrs ago when he was a Dr at Hammersmith Hospital and nobody had heard of Lupus. He is an amazing Dr and I dont know what I would have done without him. I wish you well xxxxxx

  • Hi, obviously not pleased you have these three but finally know what youre dealing with. I agree I have seen Dr D Cruz a colleague of Dr Hughes, very good.

  • Well done its such a relief just to be able to have a label on how your feeling I know if sounds daft but being able to call it something and being told what we have comes as a relief doesn't it. Good luck.

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