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Exercise video for people with lupus

Hi everybody,

Today is World Lupus Day, so to mark the event we have launched a brand new video. This video is designed to demonstrate some gentle exercises that many people with lupus will be able to do within their own home to help them keep more active and mobile.

Exercise is an important part of taking care of yourself and your wellbeing. Just like everyone else, where possible, people with lupus need to exercise regularly or engage in some kind of movement. It’s very important to recognise that lupus affects everybody differently and so not everyone with lupus can do a wide range of exercises, but most people with lupus can take part in some form of activity. It is also important to realise that the amount of activity you can manage is likely to fluctuate as your lupus does. Not all of these exercises are suitable for everyone – consult your GP if you need advice about which ones are suitable for you.

I hope that many of you are able to try some of the exercises and the 5 minute stretch workout and introduce them into your daily regimen. Let us know how you find them.

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Thanks Paul!


Thanks, I used to exercise daily and have never found a regime I could really cope with.


Those are the exercises I've been doing for a few weeks at our gp surgery. They're free and are supposed to last for 12 sessions but we're encouraged to keep going as long as there are places. 2 days per week for an hour each time. I'm encouraged to see they are good for Lupus as I didn't see my gp beforehand to check, I just decided to give it a try

The first week was hard, but it gradually got easier. The hardest part is the walk back home afterwards....definiteley recommend, its good fun too with a group


Delighted to see you have produced this short video and look forward to trying it tomorrow morning!

Thank you


Just watched your video and has really inspired me to exercise so thank you!! and will be checking out your website.

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