Anti-dsDNA numbers

Can anyone tell me what their Anti-dsDNA numbers were at when diagnosed? I've had a positive ANA with two positive Anti-dsDNA until my last round of blood work, they both came back normal. Is that normal? Does that mean I have nothing to worry about?

With that I have high ph levels in my urine, and my Rheumy put me on Prednisone for the next 2 weeks. After 3 days of taking it I have never felt better! Skin issues are clearing up as well as being able to do daily activities with little to no pain!

I felt like I was finally taking a step in the right direction, and now with normal blood work I feel like I'm back to square one!

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I'd be interested to know about this one too!! I have had positive ANA and anti dsDNA , but last month the ANA was normal with positive anti dsDNA. Homogenous pattern.

I have been on meds (hydroxy, steroids and mtx etc) for nearly two years though as have other autoimmune disorders.

Prednisolone and corticosteroid injections definitely make me feel much better, if only for a limited time.

Good luck with your progress X


A positive ANA would mean you have an autoimmune disease. You don't want a positive - you want a negative. The anti DS-ana may be the anticoagulant. I have that and am on Coumadin. It means a predisposition to blood clots. I won't take steroids because of the draw backs. I take a huge dose of Magnesium Oxide and that has been helping. You need to have your rheumy explain your labs. You should not be interpreting them yourself.


Having a rheumy that actually takes the time to explains things would definitely be helpful in this situation. Hence my trying to figure out what everything means on my own while trying to find another doctor. I just don't understand how one goes from being positive several times to everything coming back normal I guess is my question.


I'm in the same boat. 6 yrs, 10 docs and still hanging in limbo. I had a very high positive Ana and then a negative. She couldn't really explain why she accepted the negative results but not positive ones! I also have most symptoms:rash, fatigue, joint pAin/stiffness, digestive issues! Why is it easier to accept the negative results!? Have you had a second opinion from another rheumy? I've been thinking of getting one. Take care😊


I haven't seen another rheumy yet. And from what research I've done, negative tests don't always been that there isn't something wrong. As much as I'd love to be able to put all of this behind me and just take it as a hiccup in the road, I know for a fact I shouldn't feel the way I do at 25. A week ago I was sleeping on my couch because it was too much to get up the stairs, now that I've been taking prednisone, I feel like a whole new person. Again, doesn't seem "normal" to me. But hey, I'm not a doctor haha


I think tennisenior might be referring to Anti Phospholipid Antibodies. Anti Ds DNA is an antibody specific to Lupus. Levels of antibodies in your blood can give your Dr an idea of the efficacy of your treatment - normal levels may be a good sign especially if you are feeling a bit better. You can, however, still feel rubbish and have many symptoms without high levels of these antibodies.

Hope this helps. Clare

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Thanks Clare! I go back next week for a check up on how the prednisone is working, I hope to be able to ask him questions, as this whole process and how everything works is very confusing to me.


I was just diagnoised with Lupus, sjorgens syndrome and hashimotos ( 3. Autoimmune diseases on the same day. When i was diagnoiged i had ]ositive ana titers and they are also speckled.. anas were 1:1280. I went to Rhemotologist where he ran the test again 8 days laters and my anas now are 1:2586. He couldn't believe how high they were the first time and when they jumped to 2586 he seems very concerned. I also have on top of this a vitamin absorbency issues. I lost 20 inches of my small intestines due to ganggreen so now i g [ in every 2 weeks u for iv vitamin infusions.


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