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Wedding Success!

Just letting all the good folk here find out how I survived the wedding ! They all encouraged me through a bad spell a few weeks ago. I was totally dreading the first of three family weddings on Easter Sunday(three sons marrying in three months!) as I was having a miserable time with return of horrid symptoms from the Sjogrens and Biliary Cirrhosis.

I developed a bad bile duct infection just the week before and realised the oral Pred was actually making it worse so I weaned of with Hydrocortisone, I also had a Depot Medrol Injection six weeks ago.I ate nothing but porridge and stewed apples,not together , for the days up to the big day,and the bile duct settled.

Well on the big day, the sun came out, and the newly weds even got photos on the beach. I risked the Pred again and this time only positive effect and I enjoyed the lovely wedding meal and had so much more energy.

When we live in such uncertainty all the time with illness it feels like a victory to have managed to have a glorious day with all friends and family.

I want to thank you all who gave me such encouragement and positive feelings that all would be well on the day!

Somehow too you body rises to the challenge and provides extra adrenaline, I can't drink alcohol at all but felt on a super high the whole day!!!!

As to be expected it ispay back time now , and have been in bed since ,totally poll axed but it was all so worth it.

I am off to see the biliary consultant in Glasgow today and he was willing me through it all too ,as was my Rheumatologist!!!!

I think all those positive vibes really really help, so thank you all so much, and this great forum where we can spill out all our hopes and fears and find people like ourselves giving us that special listening ear, because they have all been there too!

C xxx

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Hi cuttysark, that is wonderful to hear! I know only too well that feeling of dread when a big social occasion is approaching, there are so many things I have been unable to attend. Over time my social life has dwindled as has my number of friendships due to a lack of understanding so it's great to read such a positive story. Good luck with the next two weddings 😀


Thanks for your comments Bronagh, you are so right about social life dwindling because of this disease and so hard to explain why you are always tired!!

We actually had an almost zero social life for the last couple of years and very few holidays so success at the wedding has shown me I can get the odd day to enjoy. Possibly we got more out of it than the other guests because it is so rare and lots of lovely memories!

All the best, C xx


Delighted for you and your family x


Hi Cuttysark

Lovely to read you coped so well with your first wedding and enjoyed it. The weather was so perfect , glad it all went well. Good luck today for your hospital appointments and look after yourself ready for the next wedding!. Take Care X


That's so fantastic to hear! Really pleased that it went so well and you were able to enjoy it. Best of luck with the rest! Xx


Thanks so much Misty amd Diamonddust, got there in the end!!!

Saw consultant yesterday who said he and his wife had been thinking about me all Sunday, thought that was so nice!! C xx


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