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Happy mothers day

Hello to all mother i hope you all have an exciting day filled with joy and less of lupus. My 3yr old made me a mothers day card from his nursery which he attends monday to wensday so i got my card on wensday. And i was moved to tears when i walked into my house and he said happy mothers day mummy. on my part i stupidly order my mums present late so now she will get a bilated mothers day personilized mug. She is the best mum ever has been with me in all my pain never given up on me her faith is strong and i beg God to bless her with her heart desire and to make me well and strong enough to take good care of her. She turned 55yrs yesterday. I love her to bits. Happy mothers day to all of you my darling lupus friend.

God bless



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I'm 55 in April and my daughter made the most wonderful roast beef dinner and invited her two brothers plus wives / partners. We had the most lovely afternoon.


Hugs and kisses




Hi ijeasike

My day was spent quietly with my son who is 46....a bit older than your He bought me some flowers and a card. My mum passed away just over 4 years ago, she was 91. Glad your son made the day a good one for you and well done to your mum for being so supportive xxx


Big hugs and kisses


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