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My son has chicken pox

Hi all and happy easter,

My son has chicken pox which showed up last week. He is 5yrs old and has been indoors since last thursday ( so much 4 his easter break). I have not had chicken pox before and i told the locum gp i saw when i took my son in to see him. He said i dnt need anything that i will be fine. I have been feeling abit fiverish but i take it as part of my lupus. I feel so miserable about trying to stay away from him. He wants a cuddle or wants to spend the night in my bed. Sometimes he comes and rubs his body on mine bcos he is so itchy. I am worried at the same time i cant push him away. My mum takes care of him and tries to explain to him that i am poorly and it wont be good if i get chicken pox. He says ok but in d next 5mins he runs and jumps on my bed and puts his head on my chest telling me a story about his favourite program "Transformers".

I have a rheumatology appointment on wednesday and a bulimimab infusion that same day. So i intend to tell them but 4 d meantime pray 4 me. Take care and God bless.



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I think that really you could cuddle him now - because he was at his most infectious just before the first blisters appeared when the virus was being shed every time he sneezed or coughed. Once the blisters are all crusted he won't be infectious at all and it is a downward slope in between. After a week it shouldn't be bad.

What you need to watch for is any sign of the symptoms about 14 to 21 days after his appeared - and THEN go to the doctor immediately to be given anti-viral medication which should make it lighter and shorter. It doesn't work taking it in advance, only once the symptoms appear. But don't take a "you'll be fine, you don't need it" then - it is cheap and quite effective so make sure you get something.

And fingers crossed you don't get it - it has a mind of its own does CP!


I will be seeing my rheumatologist 2mro morning. I dnt feel so good though very exhausted and i hope my mind is not playing tricks on me (psychosomatic).


Thank u for putting my mind at rest with bring able to cuddle him. I feel more relaxed.


I don't know if you are in the U.K. but the locum GP has given you the wrong information. As you have never had chickenpox and are immunosupressed then you are at risk, chickenpox can be exceptionally nasty in imunocompromised patients.

Here is the pages from the Vaccination bible ( the Green Book ), there is an algorithm for treatment from page 9 onwards. You need to tell your Rheumy at the appt about your exposure.



I am seeing my rheumatologist 2mro. I am abit worried my infusion may be stopped. But thanks for the green book.

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My understanding is that if you are on high dose steroids or within three months of having them, or on immunosuppressant therapy such as AZ, MT or Cyc then you should have been tested for antibodies if the results could be achieved within 7 days of exposure, and if negative then immunoglobulin to varicella should have been given. You should speak to rheumatologist before weds if possible and ask your surgery to review The Green book chapter on this issue. You probably will be fine if you have natural antibodies from a sub clinical exposure that you may be unaware of. Good luck and I hope your son recovers soon.

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It wouldn't have happened over Easter weekend though would it!


Yes it happened over d easter weekend so he has been indoors and my mum had been with him and could not go to church too. He has been on house arrest. I also heard one of his classmate has it too.


No - I meant the blood test for antibodies wouldn't have happened over the holiday weekend!

There's a school class that will be very quiet in a couple of weeks time! Bet a load of them develop it!


Please careful about discharge of the chicken pox as it is contaiges if you never had one before. Would suggest to wash the your son's cloth separately.

If you have the syndrome yourself such as rashes that is painful, call your doctor and have the antivirus medication immediately

Take care!


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