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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, as well as newly diagnosed with discoid lupus, although I have many SLE symptoms, I haven't went to a Rheumatologist yet to test for SLE. Having discoid lupus is hard enough, I'm still trying to cope with the lesions on my face. It has made me really depressed, as I look at my modeling pictures in the past, then as I look in the mirror & not even recognizing my own face. All I wanna do is cry everyday. Never have I had this kind of depression. The Good Lord is my only hope, & my kids are my life, so day by day I'm strong for them. God Bless to all of you & stay strong.

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  • Hi Princess

    Why is life so cruel?. You were a model and now coping with horrible lesions on your face! Don't forget that deep down your still the lovely person you were before discoid came along! I guess if you've been crying a lot then treatment for depression could be helpful?. Can you talk to your GP?. Take Care HugsX

  • Thanks for the kind words. I have started on a low dose anti-depressant, & I do feel optimistic & hopeful, some days are better than others, lol. It is the changes in my skin that I'm learning to deal with, and worry about scarring. Thanks again. Hugs:)

  • god bless you to lupus is hard but there is help and support. this group has heled me a lot. x

  • Thank you soo much & God Bless you as well. :)

  • I too suffer with discoid lupus on my face and have scars, chest also is really bad. Really gets me down. I have found that lupus itself has caused depression for me also. Once I started treatment for lupus the depression lifted. When my lupus is bad so is the depression, seems to be part of a flare up for me. Get really good spells then bad. Are you on any medication for the lupus yet? It really is a hard hard thing to cope with! I tried anti depressents a few times but they weren't for me. Seems to lift by itself once a flare has gone. Stay strong. Big hugs

    Jo xx

  • Thanks soo much 4 the sincerity. I am going back 2 the dermatologist 2 start on Plaquenil. I agree with you 100% about the depression at its peak when we go thru flares. We all just gotta stay strong. God gives his tuffest battles 2 his strongest soldiers. Big hugs:)

  • Really hope you feel some benefit from starting the meds. I certainly have, stay positive :) still have skin outbreaks but definitely not as severe and they clear up quicker.

    Jo x

  • Thank you soo much, I hope the meds can help me with these hideous lesions. I have been wearing a high SPF with Helioplex, as well as staying outta the sun. I hate having to live a somewhat "vampiric lifestyle" by not going outdoors when it's sunny. I'm optimistic & hope Plaquenil can do some good 4 me. Thanks again & big hugs:)

  • The sun effects my skin terribly too, used to love sun bathing before :( our summer holiday will be interesting this year! Shade shade and more shade. I'm sure it well help you and if it doesn't they will start you on something else also. Plaquenil wasn't enough by itself for me so I'm on mycophenolate aswell as plaquinal and it's the best I have been for years. Has helped my skin a lot! Keep us posted on how you go on it :)


  • Thanks soo much for the info on the meds, because I don't know of the drugs that work best or ever heard of the meds that work best for discoid lupus sufferers, as I am new to all this, & I don't know anyone with the same disease. Thank you, because really all I have is all of you on this site for support. I have no family close & no friends. Also, the low dose anti-depressant I take is called Escitalopram (the generic name.) It has been improving my depression with no side effects. Again, thanks soo much & big hugs:)

  • This site is such good support. It has helped me no end. So glad that they are improving the depression, that's fab. Hope your appointment brings some answers and help for you. Xx

  • Thank you soo much for the support, it truly means a lot 2 me, as I'm going thru this struggle alone. I hope the next Dr. appointment will leave me with some type of effective treatment. Again, thanks soo much, you & all on this site are so great. I appreciate all the replies, encouraging words, and advice. Going thru this alone is hard, but I know I'm never alone with Jesus, for He is always with us. We just gotta endure our trials as dicipline. God Bless & warm wishes!

  • I am sorry. Is there any natural creams u can use to help? I see them on tv where the cream has a serum that can help minimize scars....I have been battling depression my whole life for other reasons. It can get really hard. I get through it because of my two daughters. Take care...

  • Thanks soo much 4 the response, all of you on this site are so uplifting & encouraging. I was prescribed Retin-A, but it really hasn't done anything for me. I will continue to seek what kinds of moisturizers/creams work best 4 me. Again, thanks soo much! Big hugs;)

  • Hello Godisg8Princess,

    Ive also got DLE and have lost all my hair and now have lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. Ive got scaring on my face and scalp and a lot on my chest where the sun caught it and it blistered. It is hard, I think it was trying to deal with my own vanity ... My hair hasnt grown back properly ... the worst bit was when it was falling out in clumps (something you would associate with what you see with people on Chemo) when I finally shaved it all off, surprisingly I felt free ... weird feeling ... was so fed up with hair everywhere, in my food, down the plug hole on the floor, up the hoover etc ...

    I too used to model in London when younger ... Ive put all my photos away, for its not me anymore. It has changed me and the GP sent me to see a councillor .. I see then in two weeks. Im still being diagnosed with Systemic as Ive other diagnosis that you get with SLE ...

    Ive a Lumbar Puncture this week and thats where it will end as Im fed up with all the tests now ... Consultants want me to go to London ... but Ive children and I do not want to leave them ... Im on the meds that Lupus sufferers are on so nothing more can be done ...

    Don't ever feel alone ... its a grief your going through .. and I see it as a dark tunnel right now but there is light at the end ... I dont care what people say or do now .. Ive blanked it, it still hurts now and again.. but I then look at others and think their lives are not perfect either ... many are fake ... so chin up as God brought us to it and he will bring us through it .... there is always a reason ... and to meet others who are going through tragic events and put a smile on their faces or to show how strong my faith is ... its all worth it ;) Stay strong .. God is with you always xxx

  • Amen baby doll! I couldn't disagree with that! God always watches over us, & will never give us more than we can handle. I do feel alone at times, because no one I know is going thru the same things that we are going thru, but I always remember that we are NEVER alone with Jesus. You keep your head up too, there will be good 2 come outta all this with everyone on this site. Remember, we may have this hideous disease called Lupus,......but Lupus don't have us! God Bless :)

  • After reading what your going thru, I find you to be a truly amazing, strong, and inspiring person. I don't blame you for shaving all your hair off. I would too if I find it falling everywhere. If the severity of my lupus goes that far, then I would shave my head, & I'd rock the hell outta my new hairdo! Even without your eyebrows, lashes, & hair you are still a beautiful person, don't ever forget that. God works in mysterious ways, & we all are here for a reason. You have brought me much inspiration & I'll keep you as well as everyone on this site in my prayers. I agree with people being fake. It's like they haven't the time to listen to what we are going thru, but yet are quick to ask for something they need. Screw them, we don't need people like that in our lives anyways. So keep your head up beautiful, because you will go far in life. God Bless & take care. Big hugs:)

  • Hi Princess

    Another thought I've had is there is the Skin Camoflague Service run by the Red Cross in hospitals to help patients hide lesions with make- up! You can be referred by your Consultant so worth asking when you go! Good luck for that appointment. X

  • Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely look into that. The hospital I go 2 treats me like a number, but hopefully the next Dr. I see is compassionate. Thanks again & God Bless:)

  • God bless. I'll hold you in my prayers. X

  • I havent had to suffer with discoid lupus. But the way I deal with tough times is to question myself hard as to whether whatever I am doing or feeling is helping or hindering the situation. If it not helping I try to do things differently.

    If looking in the mirror is getting you down, try not to do it as much. Fill your time with other things, and only have supportive people around you.

  • Thank you all for the replies, & 4 the wonderful advice. As 2 living my life 2 the fullest & trying not 2 initiate a flare, I too also observe & keep track of the things I do daily that may be the cause for a flare. As for looking in the mirror, I try not to, it's easier said than done, lol. I have noticed that my memory is a bit foggy these days. I never had any problems neurologically. Do any of you that suffer from discoid lupus have memory fog too? I have a very hard time concentrating as well. I look forward to your responses & again, thank you all & God Bless.:)

  • I am having terrible memory loss down to what I did 5 minutes ago. I thought I was getting early Alzheimer's. And I have brain fog a lot. I also thought that was menopausal. I am looking for work and worry that I won't be very helpful anywhere with my terrible memory. I can research and look things up. I take a lot of notes. My boss years ago would ask me about conversations the week before and I couldn't remember. That was when my symptoms were starting. And I started taking a lot of notes and had to write down phone conversations daily. Need an understanding boss. My boss was older than me and had a better memory. He got upset with me, but I didn't know what was going on then. Now I do.

  • I was diagnosed with DLE and depression nearly 4 years ago, patchy hair loss & receeding hair line (about 3" sides&front), reluctantly have to wear a wig - makes me selfconscious and lack confidence. Was told only 15% DLE sufferers get SLE - haha within months SLE hit. Have been on hydroxychloroquine 400 all the time, was referred to eye unit too as have Sjorgrens. Had mepacrine for 1 year or more, had to come off it as effecting my liver. On lots of other pills steroids, antidepressants etc - I think drugs cause my brain fog - since last flare up am on even more meds and brain fog has all but gone unless I get overtired. It's reassuring to hear other peoples' experiences isn't it :)

  • I too suffer from many SLE symptoms, so I'm in the process of finding a good rheumatologist near me. I agree with what you posted about 15% of DLE sufferers will eventually progress to SLE, because I have read many discoid lupus later find out to have SLE. I guess with us it attacks our skin first, but hopefully everyone on this site that has DLE gets tested for SLE regularly, because it can affect major organs. Good luck with your ongoing battle with this hideous disease. You are in my prayers. God Bless & warm wishes.

  • Hopefully as you say everyone with DLE is monitored, and 85% won't get SLE so that's good news too. Best wishes to you too

  • I have Discoid Lupus but also suffer from a lot of SLE symptoms (which is confusing). The Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day helped my skin conditions quite quickly. I was warned that it could take 3-6 months to really take effect but I would say my skin improved within 2 months. My depression took about 4 months to improve. But the fatigue is still an ongoing problem, although it is slightly better. Good luck to you and by the way, I think you said you were new to this site. I find it very useful and it is part of my daily life now. Everyone is very supportive. So welcome. x

  • Thank you soo much 4 the welcoming on this site. This site has brought me much hope, no doubt. I don't know anyone who can relate 2 what I'm going thru, so the support on here is healing. You are in my prayers, as well as everyone on this site. Thanks again 4 the warm welcome. Big hugs

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