Hi everyone. I wrote a post about how Capita had rung me before my pip assessment asking lots of questions that would have been asked in the face to face assessment. I just wanted to let you know that I received my decision today and I've been given pip for 6 years. I've been so worried about it all but the relief now is indescribable. Maybe tonight I'll be able to sleep. Good luck to anyone else going through the process. xxxx

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  • I am very pleased and relieved for you.

  • That's great news!

  • Good news! Xx

  • Fantastic news its such a weight of isnt it, hope you managed to sleep.

  • Great news! Hope all us that are entitle do hve good news x

  • Hi Lillyanne

    That's a really good PIP result. Hope you had a great nights sleep with the relief and who knows your health could improve too!. X

  • Great news , hope you sleep better now. Mine is due in october even though i was awarded DLA for indefinite, i am dreading the forms all again even though they have had loads of medical evidence. X

  • to be honest I think that having as much medical evidence as possible is vital. The man who came to the house from Capita was very nice and talked me through the whole thing and he said as long as I had the medical evidence to show that my answers in the form were correct, I should have no problem. I found it a lot easier than applying for DLA but still very, very worrying. I fought for two years to get any DLA and I had only been having that for the last year when I had to change to pip and the thought of having to go through it all again truly made me ill. Just a small tip from me about anyone having a face to face. The man from Capita said that any aids you use are very important to include in your application as they show that even with the help you get from these aids, you still cannot manage to do certain things. for example, I use a stick, but it doesn't help me walk any further and it doesn't stop the pain, it just gives me some support when I do have to walk. I also have a perching stool but it doesn't help me prepare food etc because it hurts my back to sit on it. I have severe spinal arthritis as well as Lupus. xxx

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