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PIP Update

Bit of a PIP update

I had my assessment yesterday, nearly five months after my initial application

Made the initial phone call on 11th June 13 2013

Received the form 24th July 2013

Sent it back on the 16th August 2013

Had my Assessment 15th October 2013

Apparently the whole process is meant to take 10 weeks

It probably would have taken me longer to get an appointment if I hadn’t called them every week to check if there were any available appointments in my area (Wednesday evening or Thursday mornings is the best time to call as then they get a list of available appointments)

Any ways I went to the appointment the doctor with my mother who took notes and also explained my condition.

The assessor was nice and asked me come questions about my condition and how it affects me, about my social life, work, how I clean myself, cook ect.

He also asked about my Medications, how much I tool and how often

I then had a physical exam, nothing to strenuous just had to put my hands up and he tried to push them down, touch toes ect

He didn’t ask me how far I could walk or have me walk with him watching like in my blue badge assessment so I am slightly concerned about that.

Otherwise the assessor seemed sympathetic and also seemed to believe that I wasn’t faking it

I also brought my recent letters from my GP, Rhumey to be included in my application.

The assessments took place at a normal GP practice and there didn’t seem to be any cameras, when my mum asked the assessor how often he did PIP assessments as the reception staff didn’t even know what PIP was he said that he has to travel to various GPs round London and Luton doing assessments (Which explains why it took so long for me to get an appointment)

He also said it would take 6 weeks for a decision to be made following my assessment.

Hope this helps anyone who is going the their PIP application

If anyone has any specific questions I would be more than happy to answer them

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Hi ,

I first applied for DLA on 22 nd May and only got a decision last week. I had to have a GP from ATOS come to my house which came in September. I was told you should receive a decision in 2/3 weeks I waited two weeks then rang them . DLA rang me back in a few days and said they would send there decision within 3 days. I was awarded low care and higher rate mobility until May next year. That's when my situation will be reassessed and I will be changed to the PIP scheme. I'm still awaiting diagnoses for other illnesses. So not sure what future holds. But hopefully you will get your decision soon if not ring them and bug them. I do think you will get your decision in next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Andrea x


I had my assessment friday 13th september and still awaiting decision :-(


What a palova i suggest you keep chasing them


Thanks for this info, really useful. Mx


No problemo


My husband had is pip with their doc on 27 august and is still waiting for atos to finish audit on it before they send it to dwp


That's crazy


I think that the process starts when they receive your completed form back. As they send out lot of forms, but not everyone sends them back again.

When I sent mine off I waited a while, then I got the result. They considered me to ill to attend the assessment but said that I was well enough to return to work. When I got the papers for my decision, it was signed by a nurse and they had assessed me on an illness that I did not have !!

They are getting stacks of money to do this job and they are 'playing' with people's lives. I can understand that they have to separate the weed from the chaff as the benefits bill is rather high, but it is a fairly inhuman way that they are doing it.


Dwp just had my husbands paper work from atos now it goes to a case worker to check at dwp has been told could be 2/3months almost for Carew worker to complete then they decided what he gets


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