P.i.p Stress!!!!

Hi I have been S.l.e.lupus and anti phosphlyed sydrome raynauds.osteo athriris kidney stones Necrotising fasciatis(Nearly died).Been on steroids etc for 25 years.on high d.l.a.and high otherbenefits.after going to a face to face assessment.They now want to come to my home, Has any one else had this?Do we not Suffer eneough?thx for reading Any feed back would be great.thank you Norma Mcleod

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  • Hm. That is rather odd. Have they given you an explanation for this? I would recommend you have someone with you if they want to come to your house just to have a witness. I suspect they want to see how you get about in your house. But if that is the case why ask you to attend an assessment at a centre?

  • Hi

    They come to your home only to do a verbal assessment, exactly the same as they would do at their office. They should not ask too look around. It's best to get a witness and if possible ask for them to record the assessment

    Good luck hope everything goes okay

  • I have lupus antiphosholipid syndrome ad fibro I should ask cut advice what they want with seeing about ur home. It may b to have occupatonional therapist to help u with what u can't do and to c how u cope if u r not lying eg how do u cook etc. Ifvu can say hubby prepares and helps u with a lot of stuff then if u get ur dr to get oc therapist in u can say they comin to put a chair in shower etc. A good one is that my hair is long and I can't shower with it down as too much Ito put it up again ( true) so I shower with my hair up and only brush it when completely dry laying down. Think about hair brush u use n how much make up u wear too

  • Thank you for reply , I am single.4 carers@3 hours each per week.They shop and cook.Cant b bothered now with make up.Spend most of time Sleeping.

  • Hi, I've not had PIP assessment but I know others who have. They probably want to see how you cope at home (eg. Can you get up, walk around & make a cup of tea easily?) , so make sure you have some support from a trusted one to do things for you whilst they're there. Even support to help you answer their questions will be helpful & less stressful for you.

    Best wishes to you x

  • Thank you.i have a carer who will let the pip person in.When in a flare idont have energy to get up /make tea etc/just want to Die

  • hi i have not heard of this its either an assesment at a place they choose or a home assesment .can you tell us a bit more are you able to walk or prepare a meal dress or undress yourself ,have you tried take the pip test i had my pip home assesment and it went well for me i would like to help but ned to know more about how you cope ,xx

  • Hi. I really feel for they out. As you say, we all go through enough, more than enough without having to go through that kind of thing as well. Don't let them intimidate you, just tell them how it is, and how you feel day to day.

    I get fed up of people saying to me, oh you look well!!! They have no idea what's going on inside, I'm sure lots of us can relate to that too. I'm sure most of us put on a brave face most of the time, when all you want to do is go to bed, and dream it all away, if only.

    Anyway, try not to worry about it too much, just tell the truth, and hopefully all will be fine.

    Good luck, and take care xx

  • Hi yes I too had an assessor come to my home and for me I was lucky... Had a lovely female dr who was kind and knowledgeable , so not always a bad thing. :)

    Best wishes Bea

  • Thank you beau.glad yours went well.norma

  • I do not know.P.i.p have cancelled this tuesday .they will ring when not so busy to make another ap.thx for reply norma

  • I got told they can't come to ur house they have to do it at a neutral setting. I also know someone who is supposed to have fibro bad back etc and she got 0 in her pip test. I mean how can u get zero?

  • you can get zero quite often - it happens, and that is what the reconsideration/tribunal is for. Also, not coming to a house is incorrect - you can request a home visit if travel would impact you too much or there are no easily accessible assessment areas. They can review it by contacting your specialists or GP as to whether or not it's a better idea, so best to let medical team know in advance.

  • I had a home assessment . They just sit there and ask you questions

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