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Cold/Flu 3 times in 2 months

Hi Everyone

Hope your all doing well.

So it started of somewhat near end of January, all usual symptoms abit like a head cold then came the cough after with scratchy throat. After that I went doctors was prescribed with first course of antibiotics Erythromycin was for two weeks so after 3 days perfect continued the course to the last minute. So anyway left it week and half sore throat back around cough back to a dog horn with the blocked nose, back to the doctors again this time prescribed clarithromycin for two weeks again fine after 5 days still continued to complete the course so after they finished I still had a lumpy throat that I was struggling to swallow it did improve but didnt completely shift it, anyways two weeks later cough has come back around with the blocked up nose and again im bringing up the yellow phlegm business again. I'm out of antibiotics can I really take another trip to the doctors. Lemon and honey sucks it doesn't help, lets remind ourselves we have lupus the immune system has been supresses with lupus meds so dead to infections and banishing them but I don't no what to do and why this keeps coming back I've tried to prevent these infections but we cant all prevent the inevitable. Stuck on a solution not feeling the doctors again but if its last straw, also I brought pholcodiene otc its boots brand not sure of the effect but hey up to anything right now again thanks for reading my rant again please any advice does help

Wishing you all well


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It's rotten, I know I had 10 colds last year.

The last one, like yours kept coming back. But actually everyone else seems to have had that one too! it's a cling on....if you can excuse the pun. But since I shook it off I have not had another, that was 6 weeks ago. You may think that's normal. But believe me EVERYONE else at home, work and even when I stayed with friends recently have had real stinkers.

So good luck with getting rid of it for good , then hopefully having an immune system that works properly for a while after.

Get well soon.x


Hi metoyou,

I can totally sympathise with you. I just started with a second cold yesterday in this month! My throat is so sore and glands feel really swelled up! But doctor did nothing when i had the first cold either. The worst thing is I'm eating healthy and exercising but I've still managed to come down again. :(

Plus i have to go to work tomorrow not sure how I'll do that.

Trust me your not alone in this one!

Love shaheda x


I swear by vitamin C and oregano oil. I take high quality food derived Vit C and up the dose if I feel run down or coldy. If I get the signs of a cold I take 4 drops of Oregano oil in water twice a day. I think it works well.

The other thing I've started recently is with a blend of garlic, lemon and ginger, and I have a shot of that every morning.

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Had this last year for 4 months. The doctor sent a swab of phlegm to be tested there was only one antibiotic that it wasn't resistant too. I also saw ENT who said my sinus' were full of crusts. I had to use sea water spray to clear sinus' and ose drops with steroid in them. I continue using the sea spray if I feel like I'm getting a cold and my asthma inhalers if I develope a cough. Have had it twice since Christmas but goes quickly. If not theDoctor puts me on steroids. Hope this helps and you feel better soon


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