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Advise please guys x


Heya guys I’ve been really ill going through my diagnosis of lulus still and it’s been 4week and I still haven’t got a letter to go see a rheumatologist anyway, so I’ve been really poorly and I’ve developed a bad cold aswell as really ill with the lupus with all the symptoms and the wind doesn’t help as I have bad asthma, Saturday night I only had an hours sleep as I was up crying because I couldn’t breathe properly as my nose is blocked and throat tightens up nd I only had another 1hrs sleep tonight aswell, I also had a reaction lastnight so lupus, my asthma and a reaction and I’m so poorly my mam wants to ring 111 and gets an emergency hospital appointment what do you guys think?xxx

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Hi Leeshalou,

Yes go to the doctor or hospital if you are getting that bad. It may push the Rheumatologist to see you sooner. My Rheumy even told me if I ever get pre treatment bad again just put myself in hospital. Even if they can't see you hopefully they can get you on some treatment to help with your symotoms.

Best wishes Xx

Thankyou xxx

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I agree. You should go to the A & E. Your asthma may be exacerbated by the infection. If they are concerned about lupus, this may be exacerbated also. You are having trouble breathing. That alone warrants a trip to the A & E. Tell them you are being referred to rheumatology. They could easily do initial blood tests for you. I do hope you feel better and get some sleep!

Okay thankyou, my mam rung the 111 and waiting for an emergency appointment they wanted to send an ambulance but didn’t want that just see what they say, they might send me to a&e but atleast I’ll see what the other hospital person says first xxxx

Good. That is what an urgent service is there for. You did the right thing. Keep us posted as to how you are doing.

Thankyou and I will do xxx

Having a diagnosis of lupus puts you potentially at higher risk of more serious complications than other people. It's perfectly reasonable to ask for an out-of hours doctor to see you, especially if you are early in the process of learning what is normal for you now, and how to manage these acute illnesses. A call to 111 or the on call GP service is entirely justified. They may advise you to go to A&E anyway x

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Whisperit — it is cases like these where the new urgent care centers in the U.S. are so valuable. No appointment is necessary and they see you fast. They have the ability to get you referred to outside doctors and would get you to emergency room if necessary. For people like you or Lee’s situation, it would make life so much easier.

Yeah well that’s good and it would xx

They said I have a bad throat infection and I’m getting a chest infection aswell and also said my heart rate is very fast but they said that’s my anxiety because I’m anxious as I’m struggling to breath, they didn’t give me anything for it xxx

Maybe they think your throat infection is viral. But a bad throat infection would make someone like you pretty sick. I hope you feel a bit relieved and can concentrate on getting better. It is true that the more anxious you are — anyone with asthma would be — the faster your heart will beat. Try to relax and know it is okay to call 111 for guidance. Take care and stay in touch!

Thankyou means a lot xx

This is HealthUnlocked at its best. Helping someone....Leeshalou123. Best wishes Kevin

Thankyou so much means a lot xx

Bless you Leeshalou123 😞💖 you’ve obviously already had some great advice here! I haven’t had my diagnosis yet but going to see the rheumatologist in January. I had really terrible infantile asthma and was diagnosed at 6 months. It seemed to go away but since this past year where I have had lupus symptoms, my asthma has flared again. I just wanted to say I have been struggling something wicked with this really bad, windy weather too, without possible infection so I feel your pain! I just wanted to say I hope you feel better lovely and update us on how you’re doing 💖🌟

Aw Thankyou and yes i haven’t had my diagnosis yet I’m still waiting to see the rheumatologist been waiting for an appointment 4week still haven’t got it and yeah I was a baby when I was diagnosed and I’ve always had bad asthma but yes I’m worse with the weather and smell of pain or anything strong xxx let me know how your rheumatologist appointment goes in January xxx

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