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7 water infections in 3 months. Is this common?

I'm constantly suffering with painful water infections. As soon as one has cleared up, I get another one. I have never suffered from them before I had lupus. It's hard enough to cope with lupus symptoms without having the added pain of this. I have had numerous antibiotics, but still returns. Is this something I need to accept as part of the illness? Xxx

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I had a water infection last year. After a coarse of antibiotics it seemed to go, only to come back. I was urged to go back to the doctors to get some more antibiotics. Instead i drank cranberry juice for quite some time and it cleared up. Apparently cranberry juice makes it difficult for bugs to stick.

Some of the drugs we take, make us susceptible to infections. I have read, people with lupus should given longer coarses of antibiotics. Unfortunately doctors don't.


What's worked for me has been corn silk.. you can purchase it as herbal capsules or take it as tea. It it helps heal by putting a soothing layer of repaired cells on the uerthera hence less prone to infections. Given the extent of infections you have had I wonder though if seeing an experienced qualified herbalist may help you out. Helping kidneys with acupuncture has also reduced problems as has taking breaks from pain relief tablets regularly. Hope this helps.


Are these infections all the same bug i.e is it not getting properly cleared up each time, or separate infections. make sure each time you have an infection a specimen goes and you are started on the right antibiotics for the right length of time. Unfortunately we are more prone to uti's but you seem to have had a lot. Good luck.


Get referred to a urologist. You may have kidney damage from the lupus.

Also, there's a product called D-Mannose you can take which is supposedly better than cranberry for curing and protecting agains UTIs. Look it up on Sweet-Cures website.


I have taken D Mannose. I suffered with uti's for years even before I was diagnosed, I raged from infection to thrush to infection to thrush etc

The best thing for the pain is parsley tea and the best thing to clear it and keep it gone was the waterfall D mannose. It was amazing! Since discovering it and I took it as per instructions for about a year, I can honestly say that I have been infection free for a good couple of years! Such a relief.

This is probably the most depressing infection you can get. I found myself suicidal over it, especially as it almost caused my husband to distance himself a bit. etc

I now keep some D Mannose in the cupboard at all times!

Good luck and a speedy recovery.

One place I did get some great help was the GU clinic. They were brilliant and specialists in that area.


I suffered numerous water infections last year. After many checks and exploring options, I was put on a mild daily dose of antibiotics ongoing. It's done the trick.


Hi Purple, this is a very depressing situation to be in. I suffered fro UTI's for 3/4 years that wre treated with antibiotics. I eventually reached breaking point and told my consultant abpt it and she refered me to a urologist he did scan of my kidneys and bladder (ihad to drink a litre of water) and then they sca you to see how you hold urine etc can be uncomfortable but iy has to be done. I was then put on antibiotics as mentioned above long term and it seems to have done the trick maybe you should talk to your GP, consultant about this? take care and good luck. I also found that reducing the amount of sugar you take in helped to.


Thanks. I've got an appointment soon with my consultant. Will mention it. Xxx


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