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Wrote blog earlier saying that the DWP had decided that I was fit for work and I was worried about my DLAi had a letter this morning granting me high rate mobility and care allowance so how can one say I'm ill and another say no even though I have given both exactly the same information exactly same doctors lettes etc just don't get it. My appeal has gone in to the DWP about me being fit for work but will now send a copy of the DLA letter as well. Will keep you all informed if the outcome.

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  • I've got the same problem. DLA I get highest mobility and middle care. ESA people say I'm not fit for work for another 2 years at least, and I've had no improvement and have tried all drugs offered and stopped them on the advice of specialists. I've been like this for 4 years and they have said (DWP) in the next sentence that improvement in my condition is unlikely, yet they are still making me attend work focused interviews. I've appealed and I am waiting and waiting. Meanwhile today I've had a letter saying if I don't comply with all that is asked of me by my local jobcentreplus they will cut my benefits. It is driving us all crazy, you really aren't the only one. Keep strong and I hope your appeal goes well.

  • Hi Ebril

    Hope it goes well for you im trying to get a blue badge foe the car but am told Im fit enough to walk or get the bus they dont take into account that I have asthma lupus lung trouble plus one two other things.

    But good for you if you get it I will jump for joy for you well hop which is about my limit but inside I would be jumping let us know how you get on.


  • Hi Judith, I wouldn't manage without my Blue Badge. I can walk on flat ground but the slightest uphill and I get problems. I can only walk a short distance if carrying something, as pay afterwards with inflammation in elbows or shoulders or neck etc. This means I cannot go shopping on my own. There is no point in walking to the bus stop if unable to carry a bag or getting short of breath etc if uphill! Surely they must understand that you need a badge!! Don't give up - try again...

  • The DWP are a very confussing. I have a disabelled son and have had to work out ways round things. It has now come is useful for myself.

    All I can say is use the CAB - I couldn't have got where I am today without them.


  • Yes definately will be using CAB and have got hold of a disability advisor it can be so frustrating and exhausting but they do make things very difficult

  • Hi Everyone , I too have been placed on work related ESA, even though I have SLE Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis , spinal arthritis , cervical spondilosis , and now heart and lung problems, I asked the person doing my interview why the government seem to be targeting the vunerable and genuinely sick, she said " that they were checking absolutely any one on incapacity to try and catch those who are claiming falsely, or who can work and choose to claim incapacity, but that does not take away the stress and worry we go through thinking are benefits are going to be taken away. I too have received a letter saying if I do not attend the work related interviews my money will be cut, it is a scary experience even when like us you are genuinely sick.

    I was also told that ( and I don't wish to be the bearer of bad news , but feel we all should be aware of this ) as from April 2013 that DLA is being phased out and replaced by something called P.I.P (Personal Independence Payment ) Everyone on DLA will be re-assessed even if you have been awarded it for life in the passed, It will start with a phone call, then a form to fill in ( on this form you have to put not what you Can't do, but what you Can do , and how your illness affects your day to day life. ) Then you have to go for a full medical assessment, and it will be decided if you are awarded it or not. There are only two levels High and Standard.Unlike DLA's three, and it seems even if like me you have to use a stick to get around you may lose the high rate component, So it seems there is more bad news on the way, and by 2016 everyone will be transferred to P.I.P if entitled, if not you lose it.

    It seems the government is trying to get disabled people back into work, so they can be independent, but there are no jobs for able bodied people so were are we supposed to go ?

    I hope it all goes well for us all, and hope I havn't upset any one but thought you all should be aware of what is coming, as I was informed of all these changes last week.

    Sincere Regards Trish

  • Hi Trish, it is very scary at the moment for all genuine sick people and I feel the stress will all make us worse u told them I cannot attend places as I don't walk we'll they advised me to get a letter off my doctor to state this when I said you would have already received that they said if I don't attend I would lose my money so they are basically bullying us to just give up which makes it easier for them

  • I think we all know that they are choosing to attack the weakest of the lot - the sick. I feel very sorry for the majority of people that are affected by the governments cuts. I really don't know how David Cameron can sleep at night. I would have expected more from a man who had such a sick child. I really hope that at least the children are not suffering with the governments cuts. I am unemployable and I really don't know how they are going to find me a job when they can't find abled bodied people employment. But unfortunately I don't think they care as long as their figures look good. The way they've worked them, I won't exist in 9 months or so. Good luck everyone.

  • Hi Lupo30 totally agree you think he would be more compassionate big big hugs for you also xxxx

  • If only I was well. I would really fight and he would know all about lupus and how it robs us of precious things in our life. Thank you for replying ebril.

  • Hi Ebril, Some disabled people work even though they have DLA, car, carer etc. People are different and perhaps this is why you have had two different letters. Hopefully the DWP will realise that you are not fit to work...

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