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Kidney problem

Hi dear people :)

I really hope that everyone is doing well this winter

Iv not been too well myself. .last week I had swollen lymph nodes on my neck and lump type things on my head.. lots of sleepless nights

Coincidently, i had a check up appointment with my rheumatologist. He told me i was quite unwell and had infection.

During the course of the week, i felt alot better but developed a red swollen cheek (looks dreadful and makes me feel ill)

Today my rheumatologist called me to see him. He told me my kidneys were leaking protein and i have to have a kidney biopsy as soon as possible.

Quite a big shock for me as i felt better

Also it is my final year of uni. Last few days of this semester

He told me not to go uni. I would still go but my father is so worried as he came with me to the appointment for the first time, he don't let me go alone.

I know he loves me alot but the over protectiveness is getting to me. He keeps telling me its all okay but his all worried

Also i should mention that even though the biopsy is so common. Im beyond way scared

I can't hold my breath or stay still when someone tells me too. Plus i most definitely cannot urinate when i know its being observed.

However, im keeping very strong and infront of friends and family. i am beyond brave ;)

Any help and advice as usual will be most appreciated.

Also is the biopsy a treatment or a test. Iv done research and seems like a test. The dr didn't mention that.


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Good morning

I had a kidney biopsy last year. It wasn't as bad as I imagined. I had to stay in hospital overnight to be observed. And then in the morning the doctor came to my bed and explained what would happen. He used an ultrasound then gave me a needle to numb pain. After that he quickly took 4 tiny samples of my kidney, It was over before I knew it. Worst part is having to lay on back for 5 hrs and rest. I was so desperate for the Toilet that I had no issues urininating after that. Honestly, it wasn't half as bad as I imagined. You will be fine! It didn't hurt that much after either, just a little bit tender. It gave the doctors the information about my lupus nephritis so it could be treated and now I am in remission so it was all worth it. Good luck.


Lol just reading your pita now what u mean by it all.. The staying on ur back was the hardest part, I was also the same couldn't wait to get to the toilet lol! Glad u r well now, scary at the time but so glad they done it and get what they needed to treat me.

Merry Xmas incase we don't chat b4 then :)

Ruth xx


Hi I've been in ur shoes with the kidneys. Mine was leaking protein and blood. I got the biopsy done too, I was very worried about this as well but it's not as bad as the leaflets or internet makes out. It's more of a discomfort than anything, plus u will have to stay flat for a few hours after it that was my biggest problem. Couldn't see round myself lol! Once I got my test done I was told I was at stage 4 of kidney failure get to 5 will need a transplant. Very very scary, asked me to take the cancer drug as it's really effect of but stops u having a family, me only being 26 I went 4 plan B! On 6 tablets a day my protein leaking was up at 300 it's down now to 80 something. So it's working :) knowing that the treatment is working is a great feeling!

Really hope u get good results and I renual doc that is as nice an good as mine. Let us no how u get one.

Ruth xx


Hi pearl123,

As your research suggested a kidney biopsy is a test. You can read more about this test and about lupus and the kidneys in our booklet here -


Thank you for all the replies

Im so happy you feeling better ruth.

I just had a phone call from queen Elizabeth hospital to come tomorrow. The receptionist wasn't sure if it was a check up or the biopsy

So i dont know what to expect

Thankyou for making me feel better. I feel less scared now

I will be posting tomorrow afternoon as an update x


Hi, A biopsy is a test. It allows the Lab people to examine the structure of the kidney and really see in detail what is possibly causing the problem. Your blood tests should show elevated levels of creatinine which can result in tiredness amongst other things. Take one step at a time. Easier said then done but try to relax. Kidney disease is not the end of the world and can be transient. Been there, done that got the tee shirt, oh and a new kidney.


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