For just over a month I've been suffering with intense headaches, pain in my right eye, and light sensitivity. I saw my GP this evening and he put me on 10mg amitriptyline, sent me for an eye test and told me to contact my rheumatologist to make him aware (I'm in Uni in Cardiff but still with my consultant in north wales). Just got a call from my GP saying he'd spoken to my rheumatologist who wants to see me asap and has ordered an mri within the next 2 weeks. I have a diagnosis of lupus cross over with dermatomyositis and I'm taking azathioprine, hydroxychloroquine, cyclizine and omeprazole. Just a bit worried because I wasn't expecting any of this!!

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  • MRI of what?

  • The head

  • Sounds like a migraine - don't really need an MRI for that. If he thought there's something serious he'd have organised the MRI fir the next day, not 2 weeks.

    What are you taking for the migraines? I found soluble paracetamol every 4 hours for 2 days knocks them dead.

  • Good to read your rheumatologist is being so thorough...I hope its nothing serious and wish you well educk xx

  • Yes, he is very good and I'm seeing him Friday. Thank you x

  • I have been suffering severe migraines for about 12 months and my gp put me on amytriptyline 10mg which worked for a couple of months but they came back with a vengeance. He has since upped my dose to 25mg and I had a ct scan on my head before christmas, nothing showed up luckily. I still suffer from the migraines but the they are not as regular and don't last as long.

    Please don't worry they are just being very thorough and making sure that you are ok.

    If they carry on they wil probably up your dose of amytriptyline, or try something new, my problem is with the blood pressure medication I am on they struggle to find something suitable for me.

    Take care xx

  • Yeah I don't think it will be anything serious was just taken aback by how much they were doing! I was on amitriptyline 25mg about four years ago for headaches, but they were more of a dull nagging pain than the sharp pain of these ones. I am hopeful that it will work though! Thank you x

  • Sounds like you have a thorough medical team which is good to hear. With a history of Lupus an MRI is a just a good precaution.

    I've had about 5 over a lifetime. ( I'm 48) It comes with the Lupus territory I'm afraid.

  • I'm impressed with your care. I have lupus with migraine/epilepsy. I had an MRI as a precaution as I think you are having. It is to cancel out everything so you are treated properly. All the best.

  • Sounds like you have a gp and rheumatologist who are attentive and proactive. You are very lucky! As others have said the mri will be a precaution. Hope it all goes well.x

  • I was on amitryptiline for years for my migraines which turned out to be gluten intolerance. I've lupus too. Migraines gone after being gluten free for 6 weeks. Amitryptiline didn't work for me just gave me mad dreams

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