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Just in the mood for a bellyache......sorry

Rheumy review appointment that I have been waiting patiently for and due for Monday, has been put back again to 15th Dec! In the meantime, I have not been able to shake the pins and needles in my fingers completely for a couple of weeks now and as the weather starts to draw in the white finger begins. Have had a run of perianal abscesses, the dry eyes is getting much worse and can barely clear them even with artificial tears, the clicking jaw is now getting to the point where I can hardly open my mouth without producing a warning click that I am about to speak and the fatigue is once again taking control. On the plus side I haven't got the headaches(not yet anyway) and my Physio, called me yesterday and said that my knee is such a bad state that under advice from her seniors, she could no longer wait for a resolve from Chapel Allerton, and the she needs to inject steroids into my knee very urgently, and so that will be done tomorrow. She says, and I hope that she is right, that Rheumy will be able to allow for this in reading my bloods.

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Hi Adrian - I can relate as my eyes are permanently dry and I seem to have gone into some full, systemic nerve flare so can barely move for pain and stiffness. I have RA rather than Lupus but meltdown is meltdown whatever the autoimmunity. My main problem is peripheral neuropathy but my ESR has drifted up to 55 again and i refuse to take anything at all drug wise as seeing the neurologist on Wednesday and want to be drug free for tgis assessment.

The knee sounds bad from your description hope the steroid injection works. Also that's very bad news about the rheumy apt being postponed. That would drive me mad too!


So sorry to read you're feeling rough Adrian. I can empathise with some of the things you're suffering from..the white finger, pins and needles, fatigue, dry eyes.

I've found Plaquenil has helped a lot with my SLE symptoms and I've learned to pace myself, not do too much..made me very lazy...

Hope you get some relief soon x Good luck with your rheumy appointment :)


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