Ick! Thrush or something - advice?

I have been granted another delightful experience recently. I've developed very red, very itchy, patches in my groin. I've been drying carefully after bathing, and applying ordinary talc, but it has got gradually worse.

I've been trying to stay away from the GP as I think they are getting fed up with me, but I guess I will have to turn up there again with this now.

However, my guess is that you guys will have ideas at least as helpful as he will, so any thoughts?

I'm on hydroxy, pred and B blockers.


P.S. I'm male! And I'd sooner die than click the "add photo" option!!!

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  • Try daktacort cream , you can get it over the counter . Wee word with pharmacist may help as well.

  • i'll pop in tomorrow and do that, thanks

  • I was going to say Daktacort too. I get this in odd places and this steroid cream works great. As weathervane suggests, a chat with your pharmacist could help.

  • thanks - so theres no issue when you are already on steroids...?

  • Not to my knowledge. Neither my GP or my rheumy have ever told me to stop using it when I'm on oral steroids. It's topical so shouldn't make any difference. Besides, you wouldn't use it regularly, just to control the rash when it flares. I know they say that it can sometimes enter the blood stream but as far as I am aware it's too small an amount to matter.

  • thanks x

  • Also, are you using non chemical washing powders and pure/baby type fabric softners in laundry. Everything is worth a try. Hope it improves quickly.

  • yes, just a plain washing powder. good thought though

  • Stop using talcum powder. Try dissolving your washing powder (fully) in hot water prior to adding to wash. Don't use fabric softener if you can avoid it. Best Wishes to you. Kaz

  • ok - will do. I never use anything but an unperfumed washing powder, but hadn't appreciated the evil of talc! Thanks, Kazunlocked x

  • PS Just remembered something else. Sudocrem the baby nappy rash cream. It works brilliantly on itchy sore skin and even small cuts and minor infections. I use it when I scratch myself badly from itching and it really helps. That is if you don't mind smelling like a baby's bum ;-)

  • that would be an improvement; i will try it for now! thanks

  • I was prescribed some steroid cream from the doctor but it only made it worse. I then tried sudacreme and just some gauze in between the creases in groin and leg. It worked much better than the original method from the doctors.

  • I bought some sudacrem this morning, and plan to escalate to the steroid cream if that doesn't work. Fingers crossed! x

  • Do stop the talc though - it is possibly making it worse.

  • ok, will do!

  • I get small bumps in my private area (sorry), and I just started using Pure castille soap. Shrunk immediately. Gone in 2-3 washings. I believe it has natural oils in it, olive oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil. The peppermint one works best for me. I shower with it. Better than soap. Natural.

  • Thank you, Natura. I will take a look and see what we have locally that fits the bill (no need to apologise - after all, I started it!) x

  • I occasionally get a fungal infection and after I put the antifungal med on I then add Caldesene powder which is excellent for keeping the area dry. I don't know if you can get it in the UK. Here in the US it's definitely the absolute best thing for keeping dry. It's available at Walgreen's pharmacy stores in the baby section. Possibly available in Walmart stores. It helps the infection speed up with healing.

  • Thank you, SueSz, I will look into this. Good to hear your experience x

  • If daktacort doesn't do it, sudocrem is a wonderful cream for all sore and irritated places. Smells like a baby's bum after, not before, by the way!

  • thanks. think I still have a pot of sudocrem somewhere, but it must be 20 years since I last used it, so possibly a new supply is in order. x

  • I get awful skin rashes that sometimes flare up into massive skin infections which then leave the area like crocodile skin. Dermatologist gave me a cream called epiderm and it's brilliant, maybe you could ask to try it. Although I will say my daughter is the same as me and some things that work for one of us doesn't always work for the other. Good luck

  • Thanks. I will put it on the list! x

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