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pins and needs and numb arm and chest pain

Hi everyone

I went to the gp yesterday as im experiencing chest pain with numbness down my left arm and my fingers are prickling with pins and needles....It feels like ants are running up and down burning them.

He is writing to the rhuemy to ask for me to be seen quicker...there is a backlog of appointments at the moment.

Im just wondering is this sensation a symptom of lupus or is it from something else? Im also feeling the prickling sensation in my toes.

Im taking azathrioprine and plaquinel which I have been on for nearly a year.

Also at my last eye test last week the optician tested my eyes for dryness....amongst other I keep losing the vision in one eye. She has said that my eyes are very dry and prescribed some drops.

Are all these new symptoms related? Im just wondering if its lupus or if im unlucky and something else is starting up?

Any advice would be great

Lulu xxx

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Hi there is a trio of disease Hughes Syndrome,Sjogrens and thyroid.. and a percentage of people also have Lupus, best to be thoroughly checked with pain like that, do go back, if you are not happy. Mary F x


Hi Lulu, I get that from time to time and had loads of tests. Doc said no worrying results and I must admit it usually clears up. I put I down to general lupus sensations. Could be nothing but good that you told your doc....any dizziness or breathing issues then get down to urgent care/ call NHS direct. I'm 34 so cardiologist wasn't worried but if you're over 40 I think they like to check you over to make sure.

Hope things improve soon




Thanks for the replies. Im 28 and had an ECG done in december which was normal...I really dont think its heart related as it hurts to breath when my ribs move if that makes sense.

I do also have graves disease so wonder if they are all connected....

Thanks xxx


Hiya, sounds like graves could affect it. I get pleurisy, costochondroitis (spelling?!), inflammation around heart lining so all these things can cause those symptoms...all autoimmune and inflammation based.

Hope things improvexx


Hi i get those sensations too. Im also in eye clinic with vasculitis of the eye. I have sjogren which affects the dry eyes and mouth and now newly diagnosed with SLE Lupus. Being as though its part of the auto immune disease i think there are lots of different types of connections.Badically it is all to do with inflamation so i was told.If you do get refetred to eye clinic they will monitor you closely, they do me.


These were the first symptoms I had for few years before getting diagnosed. They mainly disappeared now with treatment but I still have pins and needles every now and then and my hands get numb during the night. I also have issues with my left eye in that sometimes it's vision gets affected. I've done all the muscle and nerve conduction tests and neck MRI and all is ok. I'm worried about MS, so I've asked the GP to refer me to a neurologist and I'm waiting now for an appointment. But I'm fully prepared to accept that it can be caused by lupus, I just want to eliminate the worst.


Hi there, this sounds really familiar to me, in the two years before diagnosis there were days in work where I couldn't use my right arm due to pins and needles followed by numbness and also chest pain, on two occasions I attended A&E for heart queries which thankfully it wasn't. These symptoms remained a mystery at the time but actually seem to form part of the many varied anomalies before diagnosis.

All the best.


I get the chest pain which is costchondritis. I suggest you google it as many of us have it. The pins and needles/numb hands are much better with my treatment regime of plaquinil and Methotrexate but flare up when I flare up x


thanks for the extra replies. It worries me that im already on plaquinel and azathrioprine and still getting these symptoms.

I do suffer with costchondritis but this pain doesnt feel like that. Its done the chest of my chest rather then to one side, and feel like someone is sat on my chest. Also I get an unberarable pain in my lower right rib and when I asked the doctor if you can get costchondritis there he said no.

I have had doctors argue over if its lupus or not. I have thought is it MS before as symptoms are so similar but I started with joint pain and I didnt think you could get joint pain with ms? I might be wrong?

Thanks xxx


I get similar central chest pain and been diagnosed with Pericarditis, inflammation of the lining of the heart. Treatment is with NSAIDS and Steroids. If it worsens always seek help even if it's A&E. Hope this is helpfulxx


those symptoms sound exactly like pleurisy


sorry meant to say down the centre of my chest!


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