Carpul tunnel

Had my test on Monday for carpul tunnel results should be back in about a week or so....have been diagnosed with fibro and raynauds but blood results for CTD normal, this last few weeks I am struggling to get up for work and feel jaded all day joints are giving me gyp in various degrees hips and wrist joints feel like they are burning some days....then today out of the blue my left arm has decided to get jealous and join in... struggling to bend my elbow or move my arm in certain positions without making me wince in pain, due to see the GP soon for the fibro at her request.... I feel like my body is falling apart a small piece at a time ... not looking forward to a 12.5 hour shift at work tomorrow feeling like this gonna dose myself up with paracetamol and ibuprofen see if that helps :(

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  • Sorry to hear ur in so much pain it can be a pain in itself . Over a year ago I had surgery on my arm and have had the surgery done for the tarpul too it was the best result ever I have no burning, pin n needles, swelling and no more dropping things . I have to have the other side done early next year and can't wait for it to be done . I wish u health n wealth and hope u get the surgery done best move ever xx

  • Thanks Michelle... I dont think its bad enough for surgery may not even be carul tunnel fingers crossed

  • I get carpal tunnel. Can been quite painful. I hope your work shift goes/gone ok. Fortunately I work from home. I can't imagine how hard it must be to go to work feeling they way we do sometimes. I hope you are having a good day :)

  • I got through it glad I am on a half day tomorrow :) sleep catch up is definately needed

  • I had the test earlier this year and its in both wrists. Have to give the rheumatologist the go ahead for the op and I'm so nervous I havent plucked up the courage yet

    Is there much scarring and how long are hands out of action?

  • Sorry I dont know anything about the op only just had nerve conduction test done

  • Thanks anyway, appreciate your reply

  • Can someone tell me what the tests are please.x

  • I had a nerve conduction chest on both hands wrists and arms .... its like little electrical impulses on your skin....only slightly uncomfortable beaton

  • Thanks Kaz.x

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