Hi im just interested to hear how other peoples GP's deal with Infections. I have recently had two different infections the first resulted in me been admitted into hospital and given IV antibotics after been refused antibiotics by the GP. The second has been less serious and was an ear infection which has basically got worse rather then improved again anti-biotics were refused but after going back they have been issued.

On both occasions I have visited the doctor and explained im on immune suppressant medication, anti- inflammatorys and steroids etc and said I feel I have an infection and both times I have been told "you have no temperature therefore no infection" I understand temperature is a sign of infection but the gp doesnt seem to take into account the medication I take which from my understanding can mask signs of infection?

Do other lupus patients have the same problem? The first infection frightened me as I was so poorly so quickly and I believe it could have been avoided if anti-biotics had been given straight away. Should I get my rhuemy to write to my GP and explain the medication im on?


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If you can't get anti biotics, eat a lot of raw garlic. Natural anti biotic. I actually have a bottle of oil with garlic in it made from a company for ear infections naturally. Just a thought. My daughter gets at infections often from too much wax in her ear. Natural ear pain healer works everytime. Might work if you get it before it's real bad and you need anti biotics. Sorry for your troubles.


That's the only thing with gps not all know about lupus. When I have to go to my gp I ask to see te main to as they know about the illness and they are the ones that knew something was right last year when I had a major sevre flare up before I got diagnosed. Your rhuemy should be sending letters to your gp anyway so they have everything on system. But no harm in asking.

I'm suffering with two different infections at the moment and I've been doctors once about it got given antibotics and something else but they have not worked so went back Wednesday and got straight referral to specialist as I'm on steroids and microphelate (how ever you spell it).

Hope all gets sorted no fun being in pain and discomfort

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Good question!

I'm lucky because the gp I work most closely with has been very sensible & supportive. Because I've been predisposed to certain infections for decades, my gp lets me have the appropriate prescription antibiotics at hand here at home. E.g. Flucloxacillin for osteomyelitis, Cefalexin for UTIs, and topical antibiotics for eyes, nose, skin. Otherwise, for unusual infections, I log my symptoms & either see a gp right away, or use the out of hours service.

But, even when I'm dealing with one of my recurrent infections, I am very conscientious about the protocol I follow when deciding I need to actually use the antibiotics I have at home (I keep a symptom log, and include relevant home tests (ursine reagent strips, temperature, photos of anything visual). And I check in with the gp by phone message or by using the surgery out of hours service.

Natura's point re infection prevention is a good one. Eg for years I've followed a strict regime of UTI prevention which includes supplements, diet, pelvic floor exercises, life style practices and various prescription topicals etc etc, and I know this regime IS effective, but even so infection can get round it! And my understanding is that if we are actually on pred or an immunosuppressant, my understanding is that we need urgent consideration by a member of your medical team

Oddly enough, I'm off to the surgery today to discuss this very question with my gp...having just had to use my box of cefalexin for a UTI, and now I have a gum infection which isn't responding to my usual treatments and I don't trust my dentist to know how to handle infection in someone with my patient profile

The way you're being handled by your surgery sounds very casual and uninformed...I hope you can sort this looking forward to reading the replies you get

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Hi everyone thanks for the replies. My GPs are not very good when it comes to Lupus. I have considered moving but I dont know if ill have the same problem at a new practise.

I also thought if you were on immune suppressant medication and you thought you had an infection you were not to be left. With this last infection the receptionist wanted me to wait 3 weeks to be seen! Thank goodness I didnt have to wait that long but it bugs me that you ring because you dont feel well then you have to fight to get some help.

Its interesting to hear what other people experience


first u stoped earp ohones use and get well wishess dr and used natural food and live u take care in house and public placess to prevent bactria and microbes .


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