Kidney infection

I have been so ill lately feel like I'm getting flare after flare.... Friday I was quite sick and gradually got worse over the weekend with severe back ache ( where kidneys are) feeling like I need a wee all the time, and my whole body was weak and aching... so I knew straight away I had uti and it's brought on a flare too... I went to the walk in centre Sunday morning and they said I have a kidney infection and he gave me anti biotics to take for 3 days so I presume there strong ones. Well today is my 2nd day on the anti biotics I don't feel better at all and now tonight I keep throwing up, my stomach hurts, dizzy An weak and my wee is illuminate like someone has coloured the toilet paper with a high lighter.... not sure if I should take another visit to the walk in centre tomorrow or is this just normal.... I proberly feel the worst I have whilst been ill with uctd

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  • I think I would go back - although the antibiotic may need a few days to work. if they didn't do a urine culture they cannot know the abx is the right one and you shouldn't be that ill, A UTI that has gone up to the kidneys can be a serious problem. Better once too often to the doctor than once too few!

  • Did they give you nitrofurantoin as that can make your wee fluorescent ?

    I would go back to the dr, a 3 day course doesn't seem very long for a kidney infection although I know they don't like to give antibiotics these days, I hope they sent a sample to the lab so they can see if you're on the right treatment.

    Hope you feel better really soon, it's miserable for you when you're already feeling rough.

    Sending hugs


  • I have just got back from the badger clinic. They said I have a very bad kidney infection and my body has not agreed with the anti biotics which I find odd as so did my medication to lupus! So maybe something is going on with that... they have put me on some strong tablets now so hoping I will be back on my feet by Wednesday

  • Fingers crossed that'll do the trick for you now.

    Rest up and feel better soon. 🌻Xx

  • People with Lupus should always be considered for at least a weeks treatment of antibiotics due to the problems with our immune system and they should never be prescribed trimethoprine, which and I may be wrong, I suspect you have been given as it's usually a 3 day course. If you have been given trimethoprine then it is the the family of antibiotics that should not be prescribed to Lupus patients. Most medics don't know this. I was prescribed it by a Consultant urologist once but as I am medical I argued the point with him but got nowhere. I then contacted my rheumatologist Consultant who immediately switched me to something else.

    A word of warning after a bad experience I had: I now have a multi resistant UTI because various GPS gave me several courses of different antibiotics to treat a UTI but they treated me as if I was a patient without lupus. Had they extended the antibiotics then I would have completely cleared the infection in one go. What I'm saying is listen to your body. Ensure that you are on the right antibiotics and for the correct period of time. That will ensure that you don't become resistant to antibiotics like I have. Also, if you are taking hydroxychloroquine and they prescribe Ciprofloxacin, you can't take these drugs together as it can cause abnormal heart rhythms. Again most GPS don't know this.

    I don't mean to give medical advice here, only share my experience and the knowledge that it has given me. Always, always check with a doctor but it's so important to check with a doc who knows something about this crazy disease that is Lupus.

    Feel better soon!

  • Please go back to dr or go to a& e I had the same last sept and ended up with sepcis I was told by the hospital if I think I have infection to go to a&e and don't think I'll be ok my wife made me go and I got the Meds very quick wich is why I think I only had a week in hospital please don't mess about get it cheqed,they think the methatrexate did not help but could not say I would not have got sepcis if was not on it go get checked

  • I was just thinking maybe I need to go a&e I have been bad since Friday, and every day I seem to be getting worse. I was put on strong anti biotics yesterday and they haven't even touched me yesterday I came out in loads of mouth sores too which is a new symptom for me so I assume I'm having a flare now too...

  • I was on oral antibiotics then when I got hospital they put me on I v antibiotics 4 times a day get chequed trust me better to ask and not need than not ask and need

  • Defo going to go the hospital tomorrow... I'm on 645mg tablets 3 times a day so I thought I would of felt abit better now. Constantly throwing up

  • Dear,my heart goes out to you. I hope you keep enough energy to go to a hospital.

    Big hug!


  • Hi. Are you totally sure this is an infection? They found bacteria in your urine or blood? Some culture was made? Ask your Dr to confirm this to you. No bacteria found means no infection.

    If not an infection, please consider that it could be part of your flare... dear, I have Lupus Nephritis and your symptoms are similar to mine when I'm flaring. Even the need to wee all the time, and not getting there on time.

    You need to see urgently a nephrologist or your lupus specialist, don't trust GPs or urologist, personal experience. Good luck! Hugs


  • I have been trying to get hold of my rhumotologist but no one seems to be answering there, I'm still waiting for an appoitment as the last rhumy I saw discharged me from the clinic! So very hard now to try An speak to my rhumy about all of this or I would be seeing him first thing today

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