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I was getting severe pain in my ear it felt like someone was stabbing my ear inside I went to my dr. Cause I thought I had a ear infection and he told me I have tmj he put me in muscle relaxers that I took before bed which did take away the severe pain then I ran out after a few months and can't go back to my dr. Cause he doesn't accept my ins.I have to find a new dr. The pain is even worse than before I can barely eat I'm taking a lot of aspirin and that doesn't help for that long. Not sure what to do go to the hospital or find another Dr that accepts my ins.I don't know how much longer can take this pain it hurts when I sleep to especially when I sleep on that side.

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  • So sorry hear this definitely you need someone to address that level of pain.you sure you don't also have an infection cause for me large pain that gets worse is infection.

    Unless you had fall broken something inside ear?

    Ir,i assume mean related to aps?

    That's serious condition not good at all way you been dismissed. Definitely hope you find of someone on here can suggest new dr.

  • sorry to hear about the problem with your jaw, how ever my wife had and still having pain in her jaw when eating solids, after been to her doctor he then sent her to a bone specialist, and sent her for an xray, the results was her jaw bone was crumbling with wear and tear, she had an option of having an injection in her jaw to numb it, hope this as been help to you.

  • Hi stay-c

    Sorry to read you have awful pain. Your dentist could help as you could unwittingly be grinding your teeth at night. They can make a mouth guard to wear at night and it does improve the pain. I talk from experience for this. Hope that's helpful and you get help soon as it is all very painful!. X

  • Hi..you may find it helpful to get a mouth guard from the dentist to wear at night.

    If you grind your teeth at night your tmj muscle can go into spasm and cause this pain. I find that wearing the mouth guard relaxes the muscle and eases the pain.

  • I'm on Tegretol for Trijeminal Neuralgia (severe chronic face pain ) it is an anti convulsive med it has been a life saver... Good Luck with your Doctor .

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