I hate esa was on it for depression and my bk simce fed went for my med i got 9 points and the doctor lied about it what she put so i failled but the 9 points were for i cant work in an work place and now i got no money no help as bin yak3n of esa i did a phonr call for them to change it got to wait told me to go om jsa i cant worl but i have no monry its a joke atos are out of order can any body help

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  • This is difficult to answer as I don't know you personally and how your illness affects you. Depression and bad back probably wouldn't fit ESA as some do work with these illnesses, but maybe they are not as severe as yours? Have you applied for PIP this seems to be the new benefit that people who need help apply for but they still have to go on the JSA. My understanding is, even if you are on ESA you are still expected to look for work or your benefits stop?

    Have you tried CAB they maybe able to help.

  • Hi

    You need to ask for a reconsideration of you claim. I think you can provide more medical evidence (letters from GP or Consultant) if you have not already done so. PIP is a different award and provides support for Care and or Mobility.

    Go to the CAB or check out your local council and see if they have a welfare rights team. Both are free.

    Good luck

  • You can sign onto jsa with special considerations see how the reconsideration goes then theres always appeal if you have access to facebook theres a group called fightback4justice who have helped hundreds of people set up and win appeals or there is your local citizens advkce bureau

    Hope you get sorted out real soon

    Best of luck


  • A friend of mine has just been in a similar situation. Ask for a 'mandatory reconsideration' ASAP - that's the first stage of the appeals process. Meanwhile, you can get 'special considerations' on JSA, or a doctor can provide a sick note that says you're currently not fit to work, which means they phone you up rather than you having to sign on and actively look for work. It's only temporary - I think 16 weeks - but it buys you some time.

  • Het floe thanks ive done that there took my stament just wating now went job centre omg they were rude i hate going out i sufer frm it i got 9 points on esa its a joke i just have to wait what happen to ur friend

  • She didn't have the energy to appeal, so she's on JSA again. She is still on 'special considerations' and has a sick note for a few more weeks. She's in therapy and is hoping she'll be fit to look for work by then... Otherwise, it's not clear what will happen. They've told her the special considerations can't be extended so if she's not fit to work she'll have to reapply for ESA, but that she's unlikely to get it because she has already been turned down... It really is a lousy system. No wonder the UN is investigating to see if it violates the human rights of disabled people... :(

  • You have not replied to any of the comments Essexgal7 and you only joined this site on the 14th Oct 15 so we know nothing about you and I'm not sure if you are a troll.

    Please let us know your diagnosis. Thanks

  • Omg im noy a troll yer i joined only then but dont make mr a troll does it im frm essex im 38 a women whos adking fot advice not to get back im a troll i sufer from depression bad and anxcitey after i was on esa i got 9 points said i was fit to work i appel and just wanted help thry said go on jsa i cant but i won5 grt money

  • Hi essexgal7,

    This forum is specifically for people with lupus, so you may not necessarily receive advice which is tailored your requirements. I recommend that if you plan on appealing your ESA decision that you contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau for help.

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