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well i got some good news today about my eas they had me in the work related group and then i lost my benifit i appealed against it so had to fill in a form for a medical recieved news that i will be placed in the support group for 3 years was well pleased did not have to go for a medical as they said the letter they recieved from the doctor and the suppurt letter from lupus uk was suffient i have a great doctor who is understanding and ty to lupus uk for there suppurt without this help dont know were i would be so if anyone having problems with esa pl fight it as they dont regonise that this is a lifelong illness ty hope every1 is feeling well angieskye

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Aww angie, well done! Am really happy for you as havin the stress of losing benefit on top of everything else is a killer as exactly that happened to me a couple years ago.

Keep smiling x


well done angieskye . i am appealing at the momement i too sent a support letter from lupus uk , just waiting for the out come is stressful enough it seems to be taking for ever i started my appeal in march how long did it take for yours ?

charmaine x


since 30th april


well done thats a good reslt and lupus uk are the best. my gp does not believe i have lupus so wont suppport anything i ask for. my rheumy has said its up to my gp not her so i am stuck. the lack of support makes me feel worse every day i even feel ashamed that i have lupus as i feel a burden the outlook is bleak for me atm...


oh tintin so soz u doc not so understanding have u tried changing docs it helps with support as i dont know what i woulod do if my gp was like that


oh.. tintin.. so sorry to hear.. sounds like you need to sack a few "professionals"... support is sooo important!

if i were you i would get referred to the lupus clinic in london! they seem to know what they are doing!

would be great if angieskye would post up a little more detail?

eg. the levels of your condition? how did you go about getting support from lupus uk? what your gp might have said in the support letter?

things like that!

and well done angieskye! and good luck to all that are in the horrid process!


Hi Clem. If you need a support letter, outline your situation, with your full name and address and email it to christine@lupusuk.org.uk


hi clem not sure what my doc wrote but he has seen me at my worst wen i am unable to walk u can get a letter detailing about lupus from here if u just ask they send u info i put that in wen i appealed my doc is very understanding soz cant give u any more info


thanks for all your comments..i have never even heard of lupus until the last couple of months. i think the stress of diagnosis and the apathy of my gp's is staggering to say the least .thanks clem regarding the lupus hospital i am going to ask my gp's for a referral.


@angieskye.. as i thought.. it all seems so random.. but you are very lucky to have a good gp!

@tintin... tis very scary when you are first diagnosed.. and some "professionals" dont seem to really know the true meaning of having such an annoying condition.. but all you can do is try to communicate how you feel!

you will come across ignorance.. and you will feel at the end of your tether.. but just keep booking appointments until you find someone who will listen and want to help with solutions!

all my best


Hi All, I have lupus for 11 years now and am currently on incapacity Benefit and DLA higher mobility, my care was refused. I was wondering when will I be hearing about these changes? I am so worried.

Thanks for reading.


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