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Dredded esa medical

Hi folks.

looks like it's going to b a long nite for me.my nerves r shot to peices as I have one of these medical for my esa. I was on 3yearly review ? I'm in support group at moment but recently others I know who have attended with similar conditions have been awarded 0 points.I'm scared as financially we can't survive and I definitely couldn't go to work.my pain is extreme just now but I think that's cause I've been tense all week with worry.can't sleep can't get comfy .am struggling not to cry .am dreading tomorrow i know there is nothing I can do but just needed to vent.my husband does enough for me without listening to me moaning too.

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Hope it all goes well for you. Its awful the stress we are experiencing. A brown envelope dropped through my letter box this morning. It took a few minutes and feeling sick before opening it. It was just informing me of new rates! I'm still awaiting my review and change over to pip. I too can't afford to drop money, I'm 60 this month and live alone 😢. Please let us know how you get on, good luck


Thanks.I really don't think the goverment realizes what we go through. Im lucky to have my husband mum n 2 teenage sons who are wonderfull. You r in my thoughts . Will b leaving in an hour for my medical.already been sick my stomach is churning.all I want to do is hide from the world.


Hi folks

just back from esa medical and I'm sure I 've done awfull.feel as though I hardly gave doc any info.the questions asked were difficult to answer and now I'm out of there I'm thinking should have said this or that.feel like I didn't get across what I wanted too.after answering a few questions the doc said he couldn't go any further with questionaire had enough to make report and a decision maker would b in touch in couple weeks.the wait begins but I'm not hopefull.Will keep u all posted.


Good luck, hope it goes your way

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That might be a good thing maybe he realised how ill you were so didn't feel the need to carry on . I was there over an hour and was given zero points , just waiting for my tribunal date now , good luck with yours x

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Here's hoping but I won't hold my breath .the man I seen hardly spoke except to ask the questions in front of him.no feed back or help to get the answer out. Got a friend who had exact same experience as you Buffy14 she is in middle of appealing too.i pray to god for all of us to get through this.please let us know how u go with U r appeal. U r in my thoughts.x


Thank-you I will although the welfare rights lady said it could be 3 to 4 months before I get my appeal date x


Hi folks,

well the brown envelope just dropped through the letter box.I was shaking wen I seen it .been waiting for it for nearly 4 weeks.

I'm relieved 2 say everything stays them same.still in support group still entitled to esa.

The actual app. and the wait has definately impacted my mental and physical health.I really think the goverment need to look at this system.

good luck to anyone still waiting for decisions or appeals.

A big thank u to all that offered support.


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