Art appearing in Times Square exhibit

Apropos of absolutely nothing but I need to crow a bit; one of my paintings -when I was still able to paint -has been accepted into a collage evxibitbwhich will appear in Times Square. I'm a bit dazed - while trying to act like it's totally cool, happens to me sell the tine ((OMG TIMES SQUARE!!!1one!)).

When I have a link of the exhibit I will put it up. Just had to crow a bit....(did Iz say that? Sorry I am still a bit gobsmacked)


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20 Replies

  • You should be very proud, what an exciting time for you! Keep on shouting about it - don't be shy!

  • WoW!! That's amazing!! Congratulations, that's such an achievement, shout it from the rooftops!

  • If that were me, I'd be crowing too! Even aside from anything else, it's an amazing achievement. But it's also a way of reminding yourself and the world that you are not only defined by your condition. Here's to holding on to the essence of us.

  • Hi Silvergilt

    What an amazing achievement, congratulations . You'll help inspire other Lupies so shout away!X

  • I think you not only entitled but you are under a great obligation to crow! Congratulations and where can we see a picture of your work to be displayed?

  • Oh yeah, links....duh. Still trying to brain That's the link yo the painting chosen. Biggest canvas I've ever done, which is currently shoved in a closet, like you do.

  • The link doesn't work!

  • Weird , ok try main one. ....and I need yo get a friend to clean the images too, I'm a crap photographer

  • I love these images but which one is being displayed?

  • "briar rose girl" -the biggest piece, and the one I like best, truthfully; girl enshrouded in roses with the bear skull beside her

  • It's very detailed. I like how it draws you in. I could ponder it all day! Congratulations!

  • I like it, interesting concept, why the bear? I like the others too, particularly the cherry girl.

  • *dons hipster artist beret* the bear hibernates for five months of the year! which is a form of sleeping death tying into the piece as a whole. *flings beret to the horizon* but mostly I had never tried painting bone before and I found a really cool reference image, so bear it was.

    I suppose I should say something mindbogglingly convoluted but mostly my work comes down to It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

  • The skull reminded me of a piece of Renaissance art called 'The Ambassadors' by Holbein. It's also full of imagery. Could spend a long time studying it as well...

  • Good! I love images which cram details into them, every time, seeing something new. It's what I am for, never seeing the same image twice.

  • Good! I love images which cram details into them, every time, seeing something new. It's what I am for, never seeing the same image twice.

  • HOORAY!!!!!

  • Very well done indeed....Yay!

  • Very well done! You have every right to feel proud. Congratulations. :)

  • Well done, you should be very proud and have every right to crow as much as you like.

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