Hiya everyone

I hope you are all well :)

I was thinking that our first meet-up could take place over lunch. This will give us a chance to get to know each other.

How does everyone feel about the following:

Date: Saturday 16th February 2013

Time: 13:00pm

Restaurant: Bella Italia

Location: Leicester Square

22 Leicester Square,

Leicester Square,



0871 971 7245

Here is a link to the lunchtime menu, have a look and see what you think.


I would love to see everyone, however i know that due to commitments some may not be able to make it. Have no fear, meet ups will hopefully take place every month.

Would it be possible to RSVP by the 8th February 2013, so that i can book a table.

See you soon

Leish xxxx

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  • hmmm sounds exciting!!! am not sure as yet if I can make it as I need to get a carer for my Dad but will know in the next two or three days

    would be great to meet up tho xx

  • Sounds great Shyandsmilie. I shall try to make it, just having a lot of lupie problems at the moment and can barely get out of bed. But what a good idea. We can become very isolated. x Would it be possible to post a reminder or two - I am very forgetful. xx

  • sounds good i dont live too far keep us informed

  • I can get a train to charing cross & I know Leicester square is not far from there hope I

    can make it.. Can I bring my husband?

  • Hiya Tabbie

    Leicester Square is the station for this restaurant as it is around the corner. Of course you can bring your husband, the more the merrier.

    Hope you can make it

    Love and hugs


  • Hi Leisha

    I have just seen this blog

    And it's fantastic, I would love to go

    if is it not too late

    I would like to ask hubby if he can

    go with me, I live central London and

    I know the area. Please let me know


  • Hiya Liliana :)

    It never too late and bring your husband along. It seems like a small crowd but enough to get us started.

    I look forward to seeing you there

    Love and hug



  • Thanks Leisha

    I Will see you there then

    Lots of hugs darlin


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