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Back to square one !!!!

Well hello all. Haven't been on for a while. For those of you who don't know I have lupus and have been suffering with seizures, panic attacks and depression. Well things had been going good for about two and half months. Then it all came crashing down. My dad is now waiting for heart surgery, my mother in law has passed away and to top it of, I had a seizure at work on Thursday. Feel like I'm back to square one!!!! Feeling so down again. Does anyone else have these problem? And how do you cope???

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I'm sorry you have been having all these problems. I can really empathise with you as I have had a nasty bout of depression which has left me with extreme anxiety (never had all this before).

My GP sent me to the mental health team where I saw a specialist. He started me on strong antidepressants and anti anxiety but I still get bad days.

Are you on any meds at the moment?


I am so sorry that you have so much going on at the moment, it sounds like an awful lot to cope with. I don't have advice, but can empsthie with the feeling really low. Is it the lupus affecting your brain that causes the siezures, or is that a seperte problem? Either way I would think that needs to be addressed and brought under control if that's possible. Do go and tell your doctor how you are feeling. Sending you hugs and hopes for things to get better for you x


Thanks guys for your kind words and support. I am on meds for all the problems and yes the seizures are to do with the lupus. Just another thing to deal with.



Can u explain whatvu mean a a seizure. As you can imagine, us with SLE experience many weird things n feelings but it would be nice to know if it's something that matches ours. Xxx

Keep well x


Hi saraholy

Well the seizure is just that. I black out and my body shakes, well that's what I've been told. When I do come round I feel very sick, confused and get hot and cold. Also I feel very tired. As far as I know it is just one of the many things I have to deal with having SLE.


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