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Could I have Lymphoma?

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I'm 20 years Old and until recently seemed perfectly healthy. I started feeling very worried all the time, and my chest and heart felt extremely tight and I got worried I was gonn have a heart attack!

However, the doctor took blood pressure did an ECG took blood tests for just about everything and they've come back normally.

Now I've got two lumps either side of my neck they're symmetrical and painless. They're easy to find and have been there a while.. Are these my lymph nodes and if so could they be cancerous despite my tests being 100% okay?

The doctor also says I suffer with anxiety since going through some hard times recently.

How concerned should I be?

In booked in to see me doctor again in a week or so, but this worrying is keeping me up every night and my sleeping pattern seems to be causing me headaches daily!

What do I do?!

10 Replies
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I had lumps in my neck when I had a terrible throat infection when I was about your age. It was not lymphoma since I am 51 and still here. Took antibiotics to take infection down. Try to stay calm and do further testing if needed. I wish I could help more.

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Oh dear, firstly try not to worry so much as this will only increase your anxieties, stress and make you feel worse overall. Why don't you believe the test results would show up some abnormalities? have you lost faith in the medical profession? If you continue to be this worried try seeing your GP sooner and discussing your feelings with them, ask them if you are worrying unneccessarily?

It must be awful to be so worried that it's stopping you sleeping - have you shown anyone these lumps? What about speaking to your parents?

All the best and let us know how you get on.

Like many others on these forums I have had quite a spectrum of issues to deal with. At one point I had a real fear of being ill. I now have decided that fear is just a waste of energy

Better to deal with what you know is real than to worry about ifs and maybes.

If you have reason to disagree with what the doctor has told you seek another opinion. But there really is no point in just worrying for the sake of it.

I had frankenstein like bolts coming out of my neck when I had glandular fever at about your age. I am considerably older now so I walked away from that one.

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Go to the doc to put your mind at rest. Your levels of anxiety/anxious questioning are off the scale. Have you been through some form of trauma? I suggest you ask gp for a referral for some counselling/cognitive behavioral therapy to help change your way of thinking about things. Good luck xx

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Though not diagnosed with lupus I believe my symptoms point in this direction or some other autoimmune condition not easy to diagnose. One of the symptoms is mild pain in my lymph nodes - though no swelling, this also worried me (and still does)

I am nearly 60 and have had this condition for nearly two years. Blood tests and checks with GP OK so told not to worry.

I am under tremendous stress at work and suffered bereavement last year - unbearable stress. Recently (when away on a holiday to a sunny destination) I realised I didn't have the pain in the lymph nodes at all until I got back to work!

Our worries are real whilst thankfully the conditions we so worry about are not always there. Go back to your GP with your worries and if necessary have more tests and if all OK - find a way to relax (easier said than done I know). For me it was removing myself completely from the environment of work and emotional family stress.

I am still worried about my health and stress is still there but at least I know for sure that stress triggers how I feel - so can concentrate more on tackling some of my work and family issues. All the best.

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I have lumps on right back of my neck and shoulder, it itching and hot sometimes. My doctor thinks it's a bug bites, one gone others appearance. I read about lupus and there is a free book in kindle app to help us a little. I also feel worry and anxiety and sad all time. The day im trying to control all emotions, relax, drinking water and breathing I feel better, meditation also helpful for the body.

Good luck my friend!

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Hi, I often have swollen glands at the sides of my neck. It is usually down to infection or Sjogrens. I have been getting this on and off for many years. Sometimes it's painless sometimes it's painful.

I think if it was something serious it would have shown up on tests. It might help to get an anti anxiety medication until you feel better.

I hope things get better for you soon.

All the best x

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It sounds like you are suffering terribly from anxiety, which is awful I know xx

There is nothing to suggest you have cancer at all hun, please try not to worry! We have loads of glands in our necks and they can become swollen for lots of reasons.

I think you need to be really honest with your doctor about how anxious you are feeling about things because there is help available for this xx

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Thanks everyone, and yes the worry and fear all started after loosing someone extremely close to me, and since that I've not been able to be myself.

This anxiety is really getting on top of me and I'm never sure what to do.

I'm seeing my doctor again soon and I will point out my feelings and my worries. After the initial tests I had a week or two of good feeling knowing I was ok. But since then my mood has dropped and the worry has returned.

Thanks for all the advice though, it means a lot:)

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Any updates? :)

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