What does my diagnosis mean?

hi i have had chronic widespread pain, fatigue, and problems sleeping for 5 yrs and recently went to the rheumatologist and got blood tests. my doctor diagnosed me w fibromyalgia but those blood tests came back negative. i'm very confused as to what that means in terms of my diagnosis and what my treatment will be ??? can anyone help ??

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  • What blood tests for fibromyalgia? There are none that really do that - there is one that is claimed to do so on the internet but I don't think it is particularly widely available and is very expensive to have done privately.

    Those symptoms also fit with many autoimmune disorders as well as chronic fatigue syndrome - a real enough disorder for those who suffer with it.


  • the doctor was testing for any autoimmune disorders and it came back normal but fibromyalgia doesn't come up in blood work so i am confused as to why he wouldn't be able to help treat me.

  • Hi marmar5353,

    As PMRpro has said, fibromyalgia is not usually diagnosed by blood tests. Were they tests for fibromyalgia or were you diagnosed with this because the tests were negative?

    If you want more information about fibromyalgia I recommend that you visit fmauk.org/. They also have a community on HealthUnlocked at healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

  • i was diagnosed before the blood tests but then when the tests came back negative the doctor said there may not be much he can do. i have read online that there aren't any blood tests for diagnosing fibromyalgia so i am confused as to why he wouldn't be able to help treat me. i am in constant pain and it is very dibilitating. any information you may have would greatly help. thank you.

  • Hi marmar5353,

    I would recommend contacting Fibromyalgia Action UK (http://www.fmauk.org/) for help because they will have more expertise and can possibly recommend a good specialist who you could get referred to.

  • thank you!

  • How old are you?

  • 16

  • Hi I am currently in the process of being diagnosed with lupus but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my rheumatologist about a year ago I have tried several different medications these include amatryptalin pregablin duloxetine and I am currently in the process of coming off gabapentin as none of the medications seem to help I am in constant pain and exhausted I was sent for physio but it didn't help its a really awful condition but I have a good doctor and rheumatologist and they are trying to find out if there is another underlying condition I have all the symptoms of lupus and I'm waiting for blood test results my rheumatologist told me there is a lot of help available but wants me of all medication until they know exactly what we are dealing with I find rest is the only thing that helps but you do need to keep going its a constant battle but don't give up keep going and talk to your doctor and rheumatologist good luck x

  • thank you so much! i am going to push through it and make it MY life not fibromyalgias life!

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