Could I have Lupus?

I have had joint pain in my knees since I was 10. Now the pain is in my hips/knees, elbows, and sometimes toes and fingers. I have bad headaches and dizziness. I am constantly getting cold sores in my mouth. I have a positive ANA test of 1:40 and my ESR was 32 mm/hr. My other tests came back negative. The joint pain is really bad. It isn't all the time but when I happens, its aweful. I'd say it is happening 2-3 times a week.

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  • Hi there, who ordered the bloods? You should be seeing rheumatologist,(lupus expert if poss.) something is going on if not lupus. If GP, then you should be referred. Whoever requested the bloods obviously have some idea, so push for the next stage and ask them, what they intend to do about it.

  • It was my GP who ordered it. I am a Medical Assistant and I work with doctors everyday. I know a lot of them feel patients are hypochondriacs or something. I think my GP isn't taking me seriously. All he cares about is my weight. He is unhappy that I am 165 pounds. He probably thinks my joints hurt because of the weight on them (he's a jerk). But i've had the pain since I was 10. The pain has increases in frequency, duration, locations, and intensity in the last 2 years. My insurance ends end of April and I wont be able to get into a rheumatologist within that time. I just dont know what to do.

  • That's quite a low titre for lupus. Lupus is usually present at much higher titre. Given the joint pain and rest of symptoms, though, it might still be a connective tissue disease. You do need to see a rheumatologist to assess properly. It could be any number of things relating to joints.

  • Ok. Thanks. I have an appt with my GP Tueday AM. Once we move back to Vegas and I get established with a new GP, I might ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist.

  • Hi deerae 777,

    Firstly I'd like to say how sorry I am that you are struggling and undiagnosed. I was diagnosed with lupus about 15 months ago and like you I had a positive ana, elevated esr and crp. I had joint pain, swollen lymph glands, mouth ulcers, butterfly rash (on and off) swollen hands feet and face, unbearable fatigue and a constant headache. Like you my ana came back at 1:40 and I was referred to a rheumatologist. After going privately I was diagnosed immediately with lupus which he thought I'd suffered from for about 10 yrs. Your symptoms sound similar to mine. Have you been referred to a rheumatologist? If not I would highly recommend seeking a lupus specialist privately for diagnosis or peace of mind. Good luck and keep us posted on your outcome. X

  • When you say you went privately was it at the London Bridge Hospital by any chance?

  • No it wasn't. I saw dr nash a lupus specialist at Vale health care in Cardiff whom I would highly recommend.

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