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I've finally found a great use for my constantly icy cold fingers!

I was once told that if we have a sense of the absurd we can survive anything.

During my most recent really difficult flare (am at the tail end thank goodness) my right hand and forearm ballooned and was burning hot. However, my left hand remained its usual icy cold and became an inbuilt cold compress! No bothering anyone for ice packs, nor frozen peas, just a few minutes waving in the air and it was ready to bring relief all over again. Bliss!

By the way, and genuinely, anyone have an elegant solution for ice cold and thus painful noses?

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My greatest pleasure is when my fingers are icy cold and my ears hurt, little fingers in ears - bliss


I have no tips on the problem but I too get a very ice cold and painful nose it sometimes drives me mad just don't know what to do with it xx my heart goes out to you xxx


GOOD one: i like your sense of humour: THE best medicine!!!!!

i have similar thing with my legs/feet: right side's tend to be inflamed, so i use left side's as cool packs on right side"s.

also, my feet, hands & head experience simultanteous raynauds & erythromelalgia (the so-called " burning condition") so, to some extent, the symptoms of both conditions kinda cancel each other out...but being the bod that experiences this sort of over-under heating is quite discombobulating!!!! and leaves me feeling quite odd generally...but my default mode is's how i cope, while i'm busy figuring out how to life style manage everything + deal with side effects of prescription meds + keep my extensive multi-system disease clinic filing straight + get ready to make the most of every appointment with my varied cast of medical practitioners etc etc

go girl go: keep up your wonderful sense of the absurd



Discombobulating!!!! I'm not going to google that Hope you are good


Hey there buddy!

Haha! Yes, not sure if I do spell it right, but, wow, boy does it seem to me that discombobulated is what systemic Lupus makes most all of us feel at least once in a while!

Thanks: am doing pretty good, more or less, relatively speaking....hope you are too!


Hello Tinae12, you could become a super hero with talents like that! - like Barnclown I have the raynaulds and the erythromelalgia, which is the most annonying at bed at night, when you have to keep your hands and face under the covers, but have your legs and feet out! We are a weird bunch. My hands burn up too, and of course you'll probably know about the burning face. It made me laugh to read yours and everyones replies, I will have to revive having a sense of humour. Well done. I am sick of my red nose, no matter what the makeup. Perhaps auditioning for Rudlolph at Christmas time? Findus and birdseye will be losing out. Hope you are good. Hugs, xxxxxx


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