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Snakes and salmonella

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me. I decided to get a snake again after 23 years and in the last 3 days of having it and handling it I have been unwell. At first I thought I had food poisoning but had the same thing as my family and no one else was unwell. Severe cramps, nausea, D&V, cold shivers with goosebumps from head to toe, cold through to the bone, fever a few times, very tired, and headache. Then I looked up if snakes can pass diseases to humans...and they carry salmonella. Even though I wash my hand with antibacterial products and use hand sanitiser and sanitise areas. I read on NHS that people with immune disorders should not have repitles, amphibians etc. When my husband took the snake back the owner of the shop said that this is incorrect. Does anyone have any similar situations or know if this is the case. I did not realise that my condition would be so vulnerable to such things.....maybe I am up just being naive,

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Sorry but fellow lupie had similar experience whilst volunteering at sanctuary. I suggest you get checked out at GP or walk in centre as need to get properly checked out and any necessary treatment started.

Ps. If you have any reptile case using UV lighting that will very likely aggravte your lupus!


Thank you littleeffie. I had a phone consultation with GP and a stool sample taken to hospital. Still not good...never felt like this before and just before Christmas. Should get the results on Thursday.

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Hi again

Just to say wishing you a speedy recovery and as good a Christmas as possible.


Just wondering does your snake have UV light, like my tortoise?


Hi johare. No she did not. The vivarium had glass top and front and did not require the lighting. Do you/have you had any issues?


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