Shooting pains through hands and feet?

Have been getting shooting pains through wrist and fingers. Left hand worse than right. Also shooting pains through feet which is new. I know I have raynauds, so hands cold a lot of time but the pains getting worse over last few weeks. Does anyone else with lupus suffer this? Or could it be something else.

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  • Hi I've this but on my right side. Mine is on my wrist going to my thumb and my fingers and also the top of mt foot justto the side of my ankle. I've had nerve testing where they attach wire to needles (a bit like acupuncture needles) to a machine and this showed I had nerve damage on my right side. It might be worth seeing if you can be tested. If you do have the testing I googled it and it was described as a 'modern day torture chamber' so as you can I'magine I was very apprehensive about having them but I can honestly say they weren't painful, they were a little uncomfortable but not any real pain so if you need them dontworry about them. Good luck and hope it eases off soon as I find my pain comes and goes but can honestly say out of all my pain with lupus the nerve pain in my foot and eye are the worst pain I've ever experienced so I do understand where your. Coming from x good luck I hope you can get it sorted soon, take care x x

  • Hi I was wondering what it means to have nerve damage? How does it get damaged? Is it a result of inflammation of the central nervous system? Is the result of the damage shooting or burning pains? I am currently suffering with shooting pains down my left side (chest) and left arm and to a lesser extent on my right arm, also my arms are 'burning' and tingling all the time and I'm wondering if I need to get tested for nerve damage.

  • Scoobydoo I have heard that Raynaulds can cause this kind of pain but I don't have it myself so I don't know what that feels like. I have also shooting pains in my arms so I am wondering what that is. I hope you get some answers from your doctors -let us know if you do xx

  • I'm not really sure what causes it or why, I was actually sent for testing for muscle damage but the guy doing the test said this was ok but I have right side nerve damage but I never asked questions just accepted this is another umpredictable side of lupus. Your pains could be a flare of inflammation in your chest as this could cause pain down arms as well, worth getting it checked out with the gp though. Take care x x

  • Thanks for your reply's. It's just the weirdest feeling. Like a sharp stabbing pain, or like an electric shock. Hate it. Sometimes it last's for days other time's couple of minutes. Think maybe I'm having a flare at the moment. Been worse before. This time hives on hands, every joint sore, tired, feeling hot then cold, bad headaches, nausea, dizziness, hair loss is more than usual to. Now these shooting pains :-( what next.

    Have to take each day as it comes I suppose.

    Take care everyone x

  • That sounds like fibromyalgia, and it never goes away. Between lupus and fibromyalgia you never free of pain

  • YES. I finally got a new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia - so that was what was causing the nerve pains (shooting/stabbing/electric shock/tingling/burning etc) It was weird reading my own comment above from 4 years ago when I didn't know what it was.

  • I have some of the same stuff wrong with me I got the test with the needles and shocking my feet legs arms and hands they said I have carpal tunnel syndrome neurologist said I have fibromyalgia an going to the Remmy tomorrow for my blood test results to see if it is lupus or something else too. I have shooting pain in my body legs hips hands arms feet shoulders an I'm week gains weight throat hurts a lot have a lot of gas and indigestion and it's driving me crazy they have me on Cymbalta and Gabapentin and meloxicam 37 years old an feel like I'm 80 will up date on wat I have tomorrow good luck with wat you all have I know the feeling.

  • Consult with your doctor/s now. It could be an assortment of things. Adjustment to medication protocol might very well be a solution. There is no reason for you to tolerate increasing pain issues for weeks and weeks. When there is new pain or increased pain ... best rule to follow ... consult with your doctor/s for best options. Better management is possible. Pursue it. You deserve it.

  • This is very common in people with Lupus and well as people with arthritis as small joints - fingers and toes become inflammed. I was even sent to a foot clinic to have my feet checked by my Rheumy and all was well. My Rheumy says it is just part and parcel of the condition and basically to just try to get on with it. My Osteopath always says that I should be on the look out for numbness and tingling prolonged (over several days) as this could be indication of trapped nerves. I have had this on occassions as I have Fibro and a session with the Osteo has ironed out any problems and the tingling/shooting pains go away. - until the next time. Also agree with Nouska if problems persist consult GP.

  • Hi! you may want to get tested for Borrelia and co infections (Lyme disease). I used to get those shooting pains and this was the cause. It is also often the cause of fibromialgia and chronic fatigue síndrome. They call it "the great imitator" because virtually it can mimic any disease. Good luck.

  • I have just read that you are also tired etc. In this case I would strongly suggest you to research deeply into Lyme disease.

  • Yes, I have had shooting pains in hands, feet, and now forearm. This has been going on for about 12 months.

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