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Do your hands have to change colour with Reynauds?

I get really annoyingly cold hands. One minute they are warm then they turn ice cold and tingly. I don't see any major change in colour, perhaps go a little pale and red over knuckles. It is every day, many times throughout the day whatever the temperature is outside. I was just wondering whether you need to have those changes in colour to consider it Reynauds? Whatever it is - its really frustrating. A lot of the time I have a bath to warm up because I just feel so cold. Also took my temperature today and it was really low 35.6C and I have noticed that I get these drops in temperature frequently...

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Hi trueman,

Sounds like raynauds as it's common to have cold hands when you have autoimmune/inflammatory conditions. Your temp seems really low though, does your doc know that it falls this low?



Hi SMF. No I have never mentioned this. Noticed it over the months - the drop in temperature because I was taking my temperature when felt cold to see if I had a temperature! Except kept getting low readings a couple of times in the day. Perhaps I should mention it. Just another thing to add to the list I guess! Thanks.. Just stuck heating on in house while my fiancee and little ones are out of the house. Will probably get into trouble when I get back as they will think it the house is like a sauna. Can't win!


the palms of my hands are red but not hot they have pins and needles, wrist and hand pain , i have pain in alot of places but this last few weeks my ankles swell and the bottom of my feet hurt alot when i walk.

any ideas what it could be ive been treated for PMR since last june / july 2012


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I get told off for the house being like a sauna! hee hee :) and then when I'm hot I open all the windows in the middle of winter...even my colleague at work thinks I'm crazy!...he puts up with me though ;)

Hi Steph1, my friend's Dad has PMR and he suffers must be having a horrendous time. He had all sorts of symtoms all over his body but I would check it out with your doc if it's really worrying you as I don't know an awful lot about it.

Hope you get it sorted soon



Do see your doctor as soon as you can. My Raynaud's affects my hands mostly, sometimes my feet and the tip of my nose (don't say it). My hands really hurt and tingle and go completely white, especially the fingers and also thumbs (apparently that is something important to note) and sometimes it takes ages to 'come back' when they go dark red and purple. It can be a bit frightening because you can't feel anything so tend to drop things all the time. Also you have to be careful not to put them in water which is too hot as you can't really feel it. I also have baths and because of the illness I think most Water Authorities accept a doctor's letter and will put a cap on the amount they charge. It is well worth looking into as they don't advertise it.

Good luck and kind wishes, Carol.

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I also suffer with Reynauds. I think I may begin wearing gloves. I have red splotches that are painful. I also get sores on my fingertips. My Rheumy has not been able to prescribe anything to suppress it, which can be frustrating. Prednisone helped to suppress the symptoms, but I've graduated from prednisone. So, I guess I will wear gloves. Good luck. I will follow your thread. Please update with any remedies. Thank you.



My fingers go completely white and my hands go purple.


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